Creating world class deaf employee
and customer experiences


British Sign Language Interpreting

Maybe you have a team meeting or social event planned? A job interview, health appointment or University lecture?

You will need a BSL Interpreter.

We have been providing BSL Interpreting services across the UK since 2006 across a range of sectors.  

Deaf Awareness Training

Using our expertise and knowledge we identify the required learning outcomes for your team(s).

These sessions focus on the most critical outcomes so your team(s) can relate what they are learning back to the wider corporate strategy. 

Deaf Customer Experience (DCX)

There are 12 million people who are deaf or have a hearing loss in the UK. And, sadly, they are massively under served by most businesses; retailers, and organisations.     

Work with us to improve their Deaf Customer Experience (DCX)

Deaf Employee Experience (DEX)

Deaf people seek out places to work, where their specific needs are understood.  When they find it, they are more likely to remain extremely loyal as this isn’t an easy thing to find. 

Work with us to improve your Deaf Employee Experience (DEX)

Deaf Student Experience (University)

terptree specialises in education and has been providing support to deaf students at University for over 10 years.

Our expert team is on hand to answer any questions you have about supporting a deaf student through BSL Interpreting, Notetaking, Speech to Text and more. 

Find out more about the inspirational stories of brands, celebrities and individuals who are really making a difference to the deaf community.


You may be thinking that there aren’t that many deaf people in the UK, 
and they certainly won’t be shopping with you, banking with you, working for you. 

But what if we told you that there are…

Deaf People in the UK
Use British Sign Language


You can be sure, they will be using your services. 

Click here to understand why developing a Deaf Customer Experience (DCX) is so important and find out more about the challenges that deaf customers face in the marketplace.

The Valuable 500

We are so happy that we are now listed on the The Valuable 500 – Valuable Directory.

This is a unique resource featuring expertise within digital, physical and cognitive accessibility, as well as tools for inclusive recruitment and branding practices.

As one of only 77 successful organisations globally, we are so proud to have been selected by an independent expert review panel.

Our appointment shows our ongoing support to ending disability exclusion, and we look forward to working with the Valuable 500 companies to achieve this.


Our vision is to change the world for deaf people.

We have a mission that by 2025 we will have positively impacted 1 million deaf people’s lives.

We do this by revamping the everyday deaf employee and deaf customer experience
provided by the biggest UK and global brands.

As a multi award winning business, terptree is full of deeply passionate people
who care about creating social change, and truly educating and empowering deaf and hearing people. 

Click below to get to know us a little better 😉

We are proud to work with

Support the 12 million deaf people in the UK who rely on facial expressions and lip reading to communicate in your store

Download your FREE Deaf Customer Notice Printable and User Guide. 

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