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Fantastic event, really enlightening. Thank you all, especially the presentation team.

Marcus Didcock, Head of Site Projects

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Today was a fantastic experience and we’re so grateful for your support at terptree for making this possible! Our deaf team member really enjoyed the experience and got a lot out of it and is looking forward to more of the same!  I would like to once more share my thanks and gratitude for everybody’s involvement.

Benjamin Lee, Connect Assist

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We contacted terptree for a signer to help us out at a Parents Evening.  They quickly found someone in the local area that was happy to come out in the evening to sign and accompany a parent around the hall translating their child’s progress.

We were very happy with the quick prompt service that we received from terptree.  They liaised well between us and the signer. Thank you, we will certainly use terptree again.

Karen Vousden, SIMS Manager

The service has been absolutely brilliant! I think terptree is a great service for deaf people and I would like to thank all of the Notetakers who have worked with me.  Thank you for all the extra miles you’ve gone it’s been very appreciated! I shall be recommending your agency when I transfer to my next University!

Deaf Student, Diploma in Art and Design

Just want to say thank you so much for the interpreters provided through terptree this year.
It has been fantastic working with terptree, if I did not understand words or meanings in the lecture – the interpreters explained them to me which I really appreciated.  Looking forward to working with them again in the next term.

Deaf student, Early Childhood Studies

We were introduced to terptree by a student; our Disability Advisor then researched the company and assessed our requirements in line with DSA.
The student successfully graduated after receiving the support. We would engage in their services again if we need to in the future and recommend them to others. It’s also great to have a partnership with a company as reputable as terptree!
In addition to the service provided to the student, the administration of the whole procedure was easy and straightforward! They were extremely responsive, timely and helpful.

Ashley Hicks, Senior Disability Officer

Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

We discovered terptree through the student training with us, who knew of the organisation and suggested them as a source of sign language interpreters.

At the time we needed two sign language interpreters to assist with clinical training that was to take place over three days. The student was able to complete the three days of training, and both the student and the facilitators confirmed the training went smoothly. And having the sign language interpreters there enabled her to follow what is quite an intensive training course without any trouble.

terptree were so helpful! Our request was quite last minute but I received a very quick response to my emails, and an interpreter was found at short notice. We would definitely use the service again if and when required.

Vicky Howells, The Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Sky Productions inherited terptree as a ‘recommended company’ from previous colleagues and managers. But we are more than happy to continue relationships with them.

We use both technical and colloquial terms, so it’s so beneficial to be able to use a BSL Interpreter provider that understand these, and the interpreters from terptree can do so.

Using terptree has enabled us to have a more personal relationship with our deaf team member that is more than just the written word in emails and text messages. It means we can communicate on a broader level, so it’s beneficial to both her and us.

There is improved understanding and a better rapport. We can also provide a more effective ‘person to person’ staff training process and address any issues in an appropriate manner and environment.

We highly recommend terptree to anyone needing more than an average BSL interpreter!

Thomas Snee

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“It is because of the services we can offer through terptree that deaf students are actually able to come here.  They have the ability to access all their classes and attend appointments.  And that’s integral because if they haven’t got an Interpreter then they can’t access any information and they might not be able to come to University.

I would definitely recommend them; one of the main reasons being is because I do think they offer a professional service.They are an exceptional organisation.”

Sharon Rankin, Disability Officer

Comic Con

“We heard about terptree through word of mouth from a friend and they only had positive things to say, so we decided to use their service.”

“We needed to provide interpreters to expand accessibility as much as possible in one of the theatres at Comic-Con so that deaf people could participate and interact with the panels.

They could interact and enjoy the experience just like everyone else.

“I would absolutely recommend terptree. They are very easy to use, from booking through to the delivery at the event. The interpreters were all fantastic and even when some of the panellists tried to trip them up by throwing in rude words they handled it well. We will definitely be using terptree again for our shows next year.”

Joanna Waszczuk, Comic Con

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“We use terptree to provide support for a deaf member of staff at our quarterly meetings. All of the staff are a joy to deal with and we always get the highest quality interpreters. We would not consider going anywhere else for our interpreting support

Marion James, Moog

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“By working with terptree, we have managed to establish consistent Sign Language Interpreting support of two to three days a week, every week. This is really important, as we can give our deaf staff members support at team information board meetings. The interpreters are also available if our staff members have complex queries they want to discuss or if they are attending 1:1 meetings.”

“Having terptree’s support has enabled high quality communication between our deaf and hearing staff, meaning that our deaf staff members are able to meet their objectives and reach the highest performance level. When there is better communication, there is better staff performance.

Debbie Burgess, Reading Court

Royal Albert Hall

“Victoria was extremely helpful in working with us, she gave us ideas on things to consider in terms of the whole customer journey.

This included everything from marketing the event to the deaf community, to ensuring the front of house was deaf friendly.”

“As this was the first time we had carried out such a project, there was a steep learning curve for everyone involved.

Under Victoria’s expert guidance, we worked through each of the different phases of the customer journey and terptree definitely exceeded our expectations of the support we had commissioned for the prom”.

“Thank you so much to terptree for working with us on the first ever relaxed Prom event – we were thrilled with the outcome and it seems that the audience were too from the comments we’ve received so far.

To receive access to deaf awareness tips in the lead up to the event really supported our team in communicating with deaf Prom-goers and the feedback that terptree shared with us was really useful too!”.

Flo Shroeder, Royal Albert Hall

“We asked Victoria to provide the deaf awareness training to our Partners and were excited for Leckford Farm to be seen as the trial branch and flagship within the Waitrose Group and John Lewis Partnership for rolling out this training”.

“the training not only met but exceeded our expectations. We loved the way Victoria put everyone at ease, explaining what she was going to cover from the outset. She has a lovely presence and we all really appreciated the role-play she got us to do. We have all worked as a team for a number of years, so we were all really confident in doing this, and this put us at ease from the start.”

Everyone got something out of it and the whole team obtained tremendous value from the evening. For some it was a gentle push to make them think more in their dealings with deaf customers, for others it gave them the confidence to know that they were equipped with the skills to provide excellent customer service to deaf and hearing customers alike.”

“What we have seen is an improvement in our customer service not only for deaf customers, but also for all of our customers”

Kevin Taylor, Waitrose

Shakespeares Globe

“Since the audit, and with terptree’s support, we have carried out BSL Synopsis Workshops and expanded our work with deaf actors, film makers and directors.

​We work with terptree to support everything other than interpreting our performances, which are carried out by our longstanding provider. While we continue to work on improving deaf access, with an upcoming focus on tours, we would not be able to employ deaf actors without the interpreter support we get.”

“We’re over the moon about working with Victoria and the team at terptree. Their expertise means they are uniquely placed to properly understand the needs of deaf people, and are very generous in sharing their knowledge and insights with us. Our whole deaf customers experience is now well on the way to becoming the best it can be – and that is down to our relationship and the work we’ve done with terptree. Thanks guys!”

David Bellwood, Shakespeare’s Globe

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“Victoria got in touch with our team to find out more about how Parliament works. After these initial discussions and session to the terptree team, Victoria spent some time with the Accessibility Team at the Houses of Parliament, offering support and guidance on how to make Parliament accessible for deaf people.

We are currently working on a joint project to create information about Parliament in BSL. Victoria is one passionate individual who is driven by making a change in the world and the project that we are working on together will definitely do that.”

Alasdair MacKenzie, Houses of Parliament

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“terptree have been our chosen provider of BSL interpreters for many years. The personal service they provide helps us meet the varied needs of our clients.

A lot of our work is very personal and we trust terptree to work alongside us in providing the most suitable communication support for our clients”

Andrew James, Hearing Dogs for deaf people


“Using terptree helps us to engage our customers if they have communication support needs. By using an agency such as terptree it helps us to ensure communication flows effectively. We have used terptree on an ad hoc basis since 2011.

Terptree provide an efficient, quick and reliable service, it’s easy to engage with them and they are always responsive to our needs.”

Laura Prentice, RBLI

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“As terptree are an established agency who have given us consistency in their provision during the five-plus years we have worked with them, they have got to know us, and can, therefore, bring this knowledge in the support that they provide our students.”

Teresa Stone, University of Sussex

The notetaking is great and I really appreciate all the help.

My Notetaker is very flexible and generally has the notes back to me within a couple of days.

Notetaking student

“terptree has made everything so much easier. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to book the interpreters I needed. I made one phone call to terptree and a few days later the interpreters were booked. I would recommend terptree to anybody who needs to book BSL interpreters. We all know how hard this can be but terptree made this very easy for me.”

Raena Raja, National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS)

“The interpreter was very successful in interpreting the meeting and I must pass on our thanks to you for supplying an interpreter at short notice who has proved to be very competent with coping with the ‘unknown’ in an unfamiliar environment.”

Noreen Calnan, AMEC Foster Wheeler

The Royal Central School and Speech and Drama

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and your team.
Your efficiency in in booking and providing support for our student has been excellent.

Your professional approach and dedication to offer a great service is highly valued.

Fozya Asad, The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama

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“I would like to say what a wonderful visit we had to Windsor castle today, the interpreter was fantastic which ensured my mum kept up with everything & I could relax and take it all in”

“It was terptree talking to the right, well informed member of staff that supported this happening. Thank you for a wonderful day with our Interpreter and thanks terptree for your support and assistance.”

Customer on an accessible tour at Windsor Castle, Royal Collection Trust

“Our client thought the standard of interpreting provided was great, they were really happy with the support provided. The booking process was straight forward and easy. We will very likely book support through terptree again”

Jeff Rowlings – Shape Arts

“We will definitely book support with terptree again, placing a booking was really good and the client loved the support and thought the interpreter was fantastic!”

Imogen Lawry – Cockpit Arts

Everything is going well, with the notes and turnaround times being great.

Notetaking student

University of Roehampton logo

“We have worked with terptree for around 3 years as a main agency for providing BSL interpreters for students and we have always found them to be very professional, prompt and very helpful. They are an organisation that we appreciate working with.
“They are great at letting the University know what is going on. They make a booking once we have requested it and always come back to us. The response that you get back from the office is really helpful. I would absolutely recommend terptree to other Universities as they are the best interpreting agency I have worked with”

Pauline Melham, University of Roehampton

“Victoria and terptree provided an excellent service including training, consultation and translation of exhibition film and audio.

I set terptree quite a challenge in translating the emotionally and politically sensitive, and often technical content of the National Army Museum’s latest special exhibition, Unseen Enemy.
terptree more than rose to the challenge, their service being conscientious, comprehensive, intelligent and good value for money. I highly recommend them.”

Charlotte Churchill, National Army Museum

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The interpreters that I had were really useful and I benefited from them greatly. The positioning was perfect as it allowed me to lip read the speaker and also look over to the interpreters when I could not catch things or if the speaker turned around or moved about too much. These particular interpreters were brilliant.

Deaf member of staff, Vodafone

Really enjoyed the training, given me lots to think about for the future. In terms of how they can improve our offering.

Peter Bain, Theatre Royal, Dumfries

The training was definitely useful and got me really thinking of things from a different perspective.

Helen Tovey, Unicorn Theatre

Really useful, particularly the online real-life example.

Roberta Hammond, Norwich Playhouse

Found the training really useful and access is something we really want to improve upon

Gaelle Cottan, Trafalgar Studios

Really loved the presentation, fantastic and very engaging and great to view things from a customer’s perspective. Loved the personal stories and real-life scenarios-made it feel very real.

I feel like I learned loads, and it was presented in a clear, relatable and really engaging way. I think there are definitely things that we can implement off the back of this, even though we are not based at a specific theatre venue. Inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do, but it is a journey, and there are always more and better ways to include people!

One of the most useful aspects of the session for me was understanding a bit more about the Deaf Community, the terminology and culture around BSL and deafness. I thought this part of the webinar was clear, accessible, and also engaging. The poem by the deaf child added a real human element, which I loved

Jasmin Tucker, Shakespeare’s School Foundation

I found the training very interesting, particularly to look at things from a customer’s point of view and look at some of the things that can be easily forgotten. This training made me realise that we do some things really well but perhaps not others along with the importance of subtitles.

Rosie Foster, Rose Theatre, Kingston

Thought the course was really well put together and structured, making it an on-line course was great for accessibility.

James DuBois, Theatre Royal Brighton

Found online training very insightful and engaging. Got me looking at our own website to check its accessibility and where we could make improvements.

Joanna Wiege, Chichester Festival Theatre

I found the session very useful. The length was good and the content and structure very relevant.
It was useful to find out that the Mercury Theatre website in my opinion, is very good at advertising access and performances for the deaf audience are clear and easy to find.

Andy Meakin, Mercury Theatre

Thought the course was useful-particularly the online topic.”

Julie McKegney, Lyric Theatre, Belfast

RM Education logo

I enjoyed learning that technical language can be adapted to work in sign language.
What really had an impact on me, was that it doesn’t need to be perfect, as long as it gets the message across that is the main thing.
A very informative session delivered in a very light-hearted and relaxed way.

RM Education

Super training! Just right. I have already used some signing with our deaf team member and he is teaching/reminding me of more phrases.
I really enjoyed your course, I know that my colleagues did too. I could also see the effect that this will have on our deaf staff member merely by his reaction in our meeting afterwards.
Found the course very helpful and the content of the course very applicable to our needs.

Mott MacDonald

Bracknell Forest Council

I found it really interesting to find out about how challenging lipreading is.
The hints and tips about using a Sign Language Interpreter were really useful.
I found the whole session really interesting and learnt a lot.

Bracknell Forest Council

AMEC Foster Wheeler logo

I really enjoyed finding out about deaf peoples needs when it comes to communicating.
The whole training session was interesting and informative – very useful.
The fact that the session was fun, this made it easier to learn, I loved learning the signs for words.

AMEC Foster Wheeler

Mama Bear's Day Nursery

I found the whole session very interesting, helpful and informative.
Learning some BSL signs that we can use in our workplace and also in the Nursery environment
Fantastic to learn about deaf peoples needs and access to Sign Language Interpreters.

Mama Bear's Day Nursery

This course was well paced, very informative and helped me further understand the issues.”
“I like the course as it gave me a great insight in understanding from a deaf person’s perspective. I hadn’t realised that lipreading was quite as difficult and it will give me a much better understanding in the future.”
“That was a really useful and informative course that was tailored to our needs. We had a really fun time; the time just flew by and I think that we have all really learnt a lot.


The Session helped me think about communicating more effectively with deaf people.

I found the training very useful as it highlights the challenges for deaf people communicating, even in terms of lipreading and the importance of holding eye contact.

West Berkshire Council

“I was very happy with your BSL Sign Language Interpreter. She was very competent and relaxed with the content, which assisted with easy communication. I would definitely use her again!”
“I would be very grateful if you could pass the attached message to the interpreters you booked for us. They were incredibly well organised and clearly experienced. We were very happy to take their advice as to where they should stand and how best to reach as many deaf audience members as possible. I know Lord Morris was deeply appreciative of your help and I hope you were able to enjoy the experience. Many thanks again for a wonderful job well done.

Amy Hornbrook, Fentons Solicitors LLP

NDCS logo

“You have been a lifesaver at such short notice considering we have been looking for the last 5 weeks!
“Thank you muchly for your help with identifying an interpreter for us at short notice: I really do appreciate the work it saved me

Yvonne, Tysoe, National Deaf Children’s Society

The service that you provided was fantastic, partly thanks to such skilful Sign Language Interpreters! Both interpreters adapted to our needs very well and they made allowances for the speech to text reporters too. So thank you!”

“I was delighted with the Interpreter – she was excellent, and I’d be grateful if you could pass on the positive feedback to her

Ann Edmonds, Kennet School

I have used terptree for student course support; ongoing lecturers and seminars, and for events; open days, interviews and applicant meetings. terptree provide quality interpreters who support the deaf students and applicants properly.
In my experience they have been very professional, knowledgeable, well organised and good at communication/keeping in touch.
terptree are reliable, knowledgeable and speedy!

Charlotte McFarlane, Kingston University

“We worked with terptree for three-years as they provided support for a deaf teacher, whether it was in the classroom, at open evenings or at teacher training and at in-set days. terptree have always gone above and beyond in providing support from a team of preferred interpreters. The team are a pleasure to deal with and the interpreters are of the highest standard

Kings Oak

“terptree have provided us with a lot of support for very high level meetings. They have been flexible with changing priorities and timing and worked to provide us with the most suitable interpreters for the work we were doing. We use terptree whenever we can and we know that we will always get a high quality, consistent service from them.

British Deaf Association

“We have been working with terptree for a number of years now and they are always on hand to provide support at our team meetings for a deaf member of staff. This allows them to access important training and team meetings. We never have any problem booking, even at the last minute and the team are always on hand to offer advice when needed. We particularly love the fact that they use our preferred interpreters where they can, so there is consistency in the support we get

Julie Andrews, Housing Solutions

“As ever, the Interpreter was brilliant in interpreting for my team meeting with our guest. Although the meeting was a “Catch Up” type of meeting which is very informal, there was a brief technical presentation to which the Interpreter was excellent at ensuring that I received all the information. She took the time to chat with my manager and manager’s manager to get an overview of the meeting before we went ahead. Her relaxed approach was great for our team and showed an interest in importing/exporting which showed in her signing”

Deaf member of staff, HMRC

I really wanted to say a big thank you for all the support terptree have given me over the last year in my Foundation year. I have had a great year and have really enjoyed the experience. I will be asking for terptree to be my supplier for the next 3 years of my study.

Deaf Students supported by terptree

Sky logo

“We have been using BSL/English Interpreting services from terptree for over 7 years’ now, and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. They are always on hand to arrange Interpreters for our deaf member of staff to enable access to team meetings, training sessions and anything else we need. All of the Interpreters we have had from terptree have been of the highest quality and we would not hesitate in recommending them to others.”

Gemma McGuillon, Sky Productions