Creating world class deaf employee
and customer experiences


We have been providing Communication and BSL Interpreting Services across the UK since 2006 across a range of sectors.  

Using our expertise and knowledge we provide sessions focused on the most critical outcomes so your team(s) can relate what they are learning back to the wider corporate strategy. 

Deaf customers are massively under served by most businesses, retailers, and organisations. Work with us to improve the Deaf Customer Experience (DCX).

When deaf employees’ needs are understood, they are more likely to remain loyal to their employer. Work with us to improve your Deaf Employee Experience (DEX).

terptree specialises in education and has been providing support to deaf students at University for over 10 years.


The terptree vision

Our vision is to change the world for deaf people.

We have a mission that by 2025 we will have positively
impacted 1 million deaf people’s lives.

We do this by revamping the everyday deaf employee and deaf customer experience provided by the biggest 
UK and global brands.

The terptree team

terptree is full of deeply passionate people who care about creating social change, and truly educating
and empowering deaf and hearing people. 

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Did you know that there are...

Deaf People in the UK
Use British Sign Language

You can be sure, they will be using your services. 

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We are listed on the The Valuable 500 – Valuable Directory.

This is a unique resource featuring expertise within digital, physical and cognitive accessibility, as well as tools for inclusive recruitment and branding practices.

As one of only 77 successful organisations globally, we are so proud to have been selected by an independent expert review panel.

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lesley russelllesley russell
11:51 21 Jun 23
Terptree have been great to work with! They are always friendly, efficient and quick to respond to my emails. A great team!
Naida HodžićNaida Hodžić
08:46 08 Apr 23
I always wanted to start learning #signlanguage. I thought it will help me to fully engage in some situations, and use a universal language to understand deaf people and others with hearing loss. Knowing how to use different languages can sometimes have a great benefit when it comes to helping people in different contexts, and specific situations, but also expressing ourselves etc.When Endava #DiversityandInclusion Forum informed us about the Endava Signs Programme and their cooperation with terptree in organizing the #InternationalSignLanguage Course, I knew it was the perfect time to start #learning! I enjoyed every single minute of our Basic Workplace International Sign Language course with our amazing educator Gavin Lilley from the UK and terptree! Also, I was I was blown away when I realized how this course was aligned with improving communication skills too, including active listening 🤩.
Paula McGuirePaula McGuire
14:40 09 Nov 22
Such a lovely, thoughtful organisation to work with. During quite a stressful time, terptree has gone above and beyond to ensure that I feel supported and valued in my job.
T RankinT Rankin
09:55 05 Nov 22
I can’t speak highly enough of the staff within Terptree. Organisations aspire to offer the personal touch and rarely achieve this. I can hand on heart say that Terptree nail this and then some! Terptree offer a supreme service and are fair.
Karen NicholsonKaren Nicholson
08:33 13 Apr 22
I have undertaken many of the webinars that Terptree have organised. These have been on a good mix of topics and produced at a high standard. Making these webinars available to buy as a recording is just one way that Terptree have shown their commitment to interpreters and their busy lives; making their resources freely available during the pandemic, another. Highly recommend.
jadeaana odlejadeaana odle
02:06 27 Jul 21
I am a self-employed BSL Interpreter and therefore choose whom i provide my services. Terptree are one of my top agencies to work for. They are professional yet personable and always pay on time, quite often early! If I have had any concerns i feel listened to and hear. They provide great cpd opportunities too and clearly can empathise from both consumer and service provider perspective. I would recommend them highly.
Clara WoodClara Wood
12:43 25 Jan 21
I just started as a freelancer with Terptree. So far I have found them a great agency to work for - booking staff really friendly and responsive, they do their best to get access to online links and prep for remote interpreting (much better than some agencies I have worked for). Their portal is easy to operate and they respect my fee structure. They seem to really value their interpreters. I am very happy to be working with them.They also provided interpreters in general with lots of free CPD during the pandemic, which has been so helpful and supportive during a difficult time. Much appreciated.
Rachael MerryRachael Merry
16:20 15 Sep 20
My experience working with Terptree as a freelancer has been nothing but positive, and I would recommend them to others wholeheartedly. It is wonderful to be treated with such value and respect in an industry where this isn't always the case. I feel their ethos and desire to consistently provide a high quality service is achieved on a daily basis. I hope to continue working with Terptree well into the future and thank them for their support of both trainee and fully qualified interpreters.