• Benjamin Lee, Contracts Manager : Connect Assist

    The terptree team spoke to Contract Manager Benjamin Lee. Working in collaboration with the team leaders, Ben’s day to day role is managing the operational function of several services provided by Connect Assist. He helps ensure those teams are supported to provide the level of service their customers expect. The most recent of the services they offer is Sign Assist.

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  • Deaf Student – Girlie Nyika

    Over the last 15 years, the terptree team are fortunate to have worked with some amazing students who are deaf or have a hearing loss.  Read about Girlie’s experience here.

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  • Deaf Student – Ziyue Zhaung

    We spoke to Ziyue Zhaung, one of our student clients to learn why choosing the right interpreter is such an important decision. Here’s what she told us.

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  • Andie Vowels – Partnership Instructor : Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

    Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a registered charity that trains dogs to help deaf people.  The dogs, once trained, alert deaf people to important and life-saving sounds they would otherwise miss – sounds many people take for granted like the doorbell, alarm clock and even danger signals like the fire alarm.   Andie Vowels is a Partnership Instructor for the charity.  Here, he tells us why he uses terptree’s services regularly.

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  • Oliver Richardson – Field Scientist : Thames Water

    We spoke to Oliver Richardson, a field scientist for Thames Water, to ask why he chose terptree and why he chose terptree and why he has continued to use them for 15 years…

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  • University College London (UCL)

    The terptree team spoke to Natalie Humphrey, Head of Student Support & Wellbeing for the Disability, Mental Health and Wellbeing Team, to learn why they chose to work with terptree.

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  • Birmingham University

    The terptree team spoke to Jon Haining, a Disability Advisor whose work involves advising the university on inclusive practice and individual reasonable adjustments focusing on the needs of students with sensory/physical impairments and long-term health conditions.

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  • J N Bentley

    In this case study, we spoke to both Mark Wood a Logistics Manager about how we could help them support John, a Ground Worker, who has hearing difficulties. We also spoke to John giving us a unique opportunity to understand how the experience of working with terptree helped both the employer and the employee.

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  • Legal & General

    We had the pleasure of working alongside the Legal & General team and were interested in getting an insight into their experience of working with us.

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  • Clancy

    We spoke to Michael Ford, Clancy’s Regional People Advisor about their need for assistance with a team member who has hearing difficulties. We needed to support him by purchasing specialised hearing aids, enabling him to carry out his role successfully.

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  • terp tree ba case study.png

    British Airways

    We asked Alison Dalton, Accessibility Manager at British Airways, to share with us how a training requirement for BA frontline colleagues regarding support for deaf customers was identified. And the process they went through to address this by employing the services of terptree.

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  • Parliament-Case-Study

    Houses of Parliament

    The Education and Engagement Service in the Houses of Parliament exists to provide free training for the public, specifically for groups who want to engage with Parliament. This might include engaging with their Member of Parliament, a Member of the House of Lords, or getting involved with Select Committees. 80% of the time is spent working with target audiences who are statistically less likely to engage with parliament.

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  • Waitrose

    When terptree first contacted the Leckford Farm Estate back in March 2016, to find out how they serve deaf customers, Kevin explained that he was interested in speaking with terptree because he had not realised that someone could offer them a package to help them raise awareness of dealing with deaf customers.

    Take a look at how terptree helped them…

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  • Middlesex University

    To allow deaf students to fully access the education offered at University it is essential to have qualified and experienced British Sign Language (BSL)/English Interpreters available. terptree provides all the BSL/English Interpreters for Middlesex University and in this case study; Disability Officer Sharon Rankin explains how the relationship benefits deaf students.

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  • HDFDP-Case-Study

    Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

    The Charity, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is now 36 years old. Over this time, they have provided hearing dogs to thousands of deaf people. Currently, they are working with around 950 hearing dog partnerships across the UK and are looking forward to this continuing to grow.

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  • RBLI-Case-Study


    After the First World War many soldiers were left to fight their own personal battles against tuberculosis. In 1919, what became Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI), began helping thousands of Veterans who were discharged from service, to help them recover.

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  • Reading-County-Court-Case-Study

    Reading County Court

    terptree have been providing BSL/English Interpreting Services to Reading County Court since before we began as a business – back when Victoria, our founder, worked with them as a freelance Sign Language Interpreter. Terptree was established in 2006 and we have worked with Reading County Court continuously until today.

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  • University of Sussex

    We have worked with the University of Sussex for a number of years now, providing deaf students with local high quality Interpreters to support them in their study.

    University of Sussex has been delighted with the consistency of provision, ease of communication and familiarity with terptree.

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  • Mott Macdonald Case Study Thumbnail

    Mott Macdonald

    Mott Macdonald is a global engineering, management and development consultancy focused on guiding clients through many of the planet’s most intricate challenges. Their network of experts, active in 150 countries, nds opportunities in complexity, turning obstacles into elegant, sustainable solutions. By looking at problems from a fresh angle, they aim to add value at every stage. And this applies to their team also.

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  • Freeways-Case-Study


    Freeways are a charity that supports people with learning disabilities. Freeways have a number of different services; registered care homes, Supported living, Floating support, community support and a hydrotherapy pool.
    Within all services we strive to offer a flexible service which promotes choice, well being and independence. We have a proven track record and offer a consistent quality service to individuals.

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  • United-Grand-Lodge-Case-Study

    United Grand Lodge of England

    United Grand Lodge of England is acutely aware that all our staff deserve to be treated as equals; undergoing the same level of training and being awarded access to all staff meetings when appropriate.

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  • DSA Assessor: Claire Sorfleet

    Claire Sorfleet, Consultant DSA Assessor, describes how terptree were able to provide
    additional, specialist advice for a specific HI Assessment.

    She shared that thanks for terptree’s insight, she is now confident in her ability to deliver a well-informed assessment for deaf applicants.


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  • Shape-Arts-Case-Study

    Shape Arts

    Shape Arts is a long-standing and successful disability-led arts organisation. It works to improve access to culture for disabled people by providing opportunities for disabled artists, training cultural institutions to be more open to disabled people, and through running participatory arts and development programmes.

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  • Margaret-Wix-Case-Study

    Margaret Wix

    The Margaret Wix school vision and values are at the core of everything they do. They underpin teaching and learning and provide an environment which prepares pupils to be confident, happy citizens. They believe children should be the central focus and that, together with teachers, staff, parents and the wider neighbourhood a whole school community worthy of everyone’s education and support is built.

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  • Shakespeares-Globe-Case-Study

    Shakespeare’s Globe

    Shakespeare’s iconic Globe Theatre in the heart of London, combines the work of the original Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare’s plays were performed during his lifetime, as well as the Sam Wanamaker Theatre, which specialise in more artistic performances.

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  • Royal-Albert-Hall-Case-Study

    Royal Albert Hall

    The Royal Albert Hall is iconic and has at the heart of its mission bringing life-enriching, unforgettable experiences to all. They hold 390 events in the main auditorium each year, 867 events beyond the main stage and they issue more than 1.66 million tickets annually. Within this, over 195,000 participants are reached through Education & Outreach work.

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  • Moog-Case-Study


    This includes a profoundly deaf employee at MOOG. We got in touch with Nicole Rowland, MOOG’s HR Advisor, to see how our support benefits their deaf employee.

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  • Comic-Con

    Comic-Con is steeped in rich history. It is an essential experience for any comic and film fanatic. The celebrities, the costumes, the fun, the interaction is something special and not to be missed. But it can be hard to access these events when you’re deaf. Take a look at how terptree bridges that gap.

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  • Somali-Festival-Case-Study

    Somali Week Festival

    Somali Week Festival is an annual event celebrating Somali arts and culture.
    The 10-day festival is an integral part of Black History Month and is held across London in Oxford House Bethnal Green, City Hall, South- bank Centre, British Library, Rich Mix, The Broadway Theatre in Barking, Chelsea and Kensington Town Hall and The British Museum.
    2018 was a particularly special milestone as the festival reached its 10th Anniversary, bringing together one of the largest gatherings of Somalis in the Diaspora. And Hanna Ali, Festival Director tells why terptree were, again, invited to be part of this event.

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