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Deaf Employee Experience (DEX)

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Deaf people make decisions about where they work based on entirely different set of criteria from those of hearing people.

Their priority is to find businesses who understand their specific needs.  Once they have found an employer providing them with this experience, they are more likely to remain loyal; as finding a position like this elsewhere is expected to be challenging.

Working on your Deaf Employee Experience (DEX) and creating long term retention from existing and potential staff.

  • Increased staff retention
  • New ideas and perspectives into your business
  • Positive social impact on your business's reputation

However, getting this wrong can have catastrophic consequences, with deaf staff either not gaining employment with you or not staying with your business for a matter of months.

So, what are you going to do in your business to ensure that you build long term relationships with your deaf employees?

If you’d like to discuss your ideas on how to make positive changes or need guidance and support, talk to us. After all, it’s what the terptree team do best!