Uncertainty is the only certainty

This is an article that I planned to write last February. It was on the list of rolling topics and one I found particularly interesting.  In the time since February 2019 – we have experienced every single bit of uncertainty we could ever imagine.

In our health, mental health, family, financial, work, school, social life, general wellbeing, and the list goes on.

Many people have felt like this about the uncertainty:

“Nothing in the world causes so much misery as uncertainty.”

And it can really be debilitating. I have seen many around me who have struggled, and are still struggling living in a Pandemic. The world has flipped upside down and ALL of the pieces of life have moved.

There are others who have found this Pandemic ‘refreshing’ and ‘life-affirming’:

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.”

Ultimately, the “winners” will be those who learn to navigate it. Those who have embraced this change, seen it as an opportunity to do better.

As Einstein didn’t quite say, for every moment of uncertainty there is an equal and opposite window of opportunity.

And I believe that the real opportunity has been and still is – to give back to others.
To be there for those who need it the most at this time and to really care.

If we assume that the world is split between the two groups I described above and those in the middle – there is plenty of time and energy to go around.

We have seen so many examples of acts of kindness across the world over the past 6-9 months. Whether that be local people raising money to buy PPE earlier on in the year, to people sewing scrubs and masks at home, Italians singing across roof tops and Sir Tom Moore raising over £33 million pounds through walking laps of his garden.

Those of us who have capacity in this uncertainty, can and should reach out and be present for those who are more vulnerable, whether that be through health or social vulnerability is vital.

Take the extra five minutes to chat to a neighbour or check in on a friend. These are the times that we need this the most.

We may be in October, but we are still in it. Let’s keep that sense of love and unity that we had back in March alive into the winter.

We would love to hear about the things that you are doing to keep this kindness alive. Do let us know at hello@terptree.co.uk