Who is the genius behind That Deaf Guy – Matt Daigle

Matt Daigle is an American illustrator who works all over the US. Being profoundly deaf, most of Matt’s illustrations focus on the many issues faced by the deaf community- but in a comical light!

Daigle has always had his knack for illustration, right from his childhood, a passion which led him to a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design. After graduating, Matt worked in Graphic Design both as a freelancer and full-time. As a stay-at-home dad to his son, Matt has free time to think up many ideas for his cartoons. Daigle gathers his inspiration from his son and his surroundings, which he states “help his creative juices flow”.

In a recent interview with Limping Chicken, Matt discussed how overwhelming the support for ‘That Deaf Guy’ has received, “The response has been surprising and inspiring” growing from 200 Facebook fans to the 31,000 they now have is humbling for Matt and his wife: who has been nothing but supportive over their journey.    

Matt’s comics feature a family paralleled to his own and their lives: posting new strips weekly and keeping his fans up-to-date. When asked to pick his favourite strip, Matt simply couldn’t choose, “It’s really hard to say which one’s my favourite. Each one is special to me in different ways”. Daigle’s portfolio spreads to movie posters (with a twist), tailoring them towards the deaf community. Be sure to check out his gallery HERE.

Matt also runs a blog where he keeps his fans updated on his latest merchandise and personal update posts.

Keen to find out more?

Matt’s Blog: http://blog.mdaigletoons.com/