Massive change is made by progress

Today I’m coming to you to talk about change. Most of us perceive change as something that’s a long-winded process to go through. We believe it’s going to take at least 28 days to stop a habit, wherein in fact, actually, the key indicator for us to continue making change is progress. Progress can be made by making the small steps towards the big change that you wish to happen, and at each mile point that we get to, that we get nearer to the change that we wish to happen, is actually the progress that we need to start to celebrate. It is so easy to get caught up on the big change that you want to happen to unfold that you’re making no progress at all, feeling that it’s actually years away before you actually make that change.

Take it Step by Step

But let’s think about if you’re writing a book, for example. Writing a book is a huge task. Actually, to try and conceive that you will do that immediately is almost impossible, whereas if you perceive that every single word that you write is making progress towards your end results, i.e. writing your book. You would actually be enjoying the progress you’re making and seeing the change happen. This can also be the same with something like losing weight. When trying to lose weight, we always look in the mirror and see that there’s a big way to go before we can actually lose weight. In contrast, actually, every single piece of food that you eat that’s healthy towards your aimed outcome is actually getting you one step closer and making your real progress.


Now let’s have a look at the change in the world for deaf people

If you look back at any historically influential person, you will notice that that change hasn’t happened overnight. I’ve been reading Long Way to Freedom by Nelson Mandela about his story, and how long it took to make the massive change he made in his lifetime. It didn’t start through making the big changes; it started through tiny bits of progress, talking to lots of people, gathering information, and knowing exactly what the change needed to be to make sure it was right. Not only did he progress towards his goal, but every time he realized that what he was doing wasn’t actually getting him towards his goal, he tweaked his plan slightly to get there.


The key thing to consider is that we can have these big goals, but all of the little bits of progress along the way should be rewarded and celebrated; so that we actually feel that we’re getting somewhere. We shouldn’t be afraid to tweak the plan. If we take the diet example, if we’re on a diet and the food we’re eating is not consistent with losing weight, then we need to change that. We need to tweak the plan, not just continue hoping that something will make a difference.


I hope this has given you some food for thought on this week’s article. I would like to hear your comments about where you found you’d tried to make a change; and where progress really has been the true marker of success.


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