How COVID transformed and continues to impact online digital transformation

We all know the score – online sales are through the roof and digital transformation has accelerated by over 5 years.

“Online sales and servicing is now at 40% and is estimated to increase to 60-70% next year!”

But are brands ready for this uplift in online transactions?

Here is another important stat for you:

“88% of global consumers plan to stick with the new brands they tried during lockdown”

Let’s hope that this is your brand!

Lockdown gave the time for consumers to build these new relationship with brands, and loyalty has been built in this short space of time.

Klarna and Retail Economics found that:

“71% of British consumers are reluctant to shop in store this Christmas”

So, in the build up to this festive season, there is a huge opportunity to harness this online digital transformation and grow online sales for your brand.

You will want to consider that disabled customers and their families have a spending power of £212 billion annually.

Our recent blog detailed 10 actions for your to make your online journey accessible for deaf and disabled customers.  Let us know which of these 10 steps you are going to implement.