This week we wanted to explain to you when cancellations are covered by SFE and when they need to be covered by the University.

So, here is a run down of when SFE will and will not cover cancellation fees.

When SFE wont cover cancellation fees

Timetable changes: if any sessions are changed as a result of a timetable change. So this would be the sessions* needing to be cancelled and re-booked.
As this is a change from the University, SFE will not cover these costs.

Lecturer unwell: this is another scenario where SFE will not pay the cancellation, as this is a result of something that has happened at the University.

What SFE will cover

SFE will cover 2 cancelled sessions a term per support worker role.

This will cover student sickness, or not turning up to lectures.

However, any sessions cancelled over this amount, would need to be funded by the University.

Working with suppliers

As a supplier of support worker (NMH) services, we are bound by these terms that SFE set out.
When we engage with a new University, we will explain these terms and share the relevant guidance.

We also ask all Universities to sign an Internal document and agree that any sessions like this will be covered financially by the University.

This ensures us to continue providing this essential support to the deaf student.

Process for cancellation

If there are any cancellations at all, do inform the supplier as soon as you are made aware of these changes (and encourage the student to do the same).

Any cancellations are subject to the following cancellation terms which are approved by SFE and are in line with industry standards:

0-7 days cancellation – full fee
7-14 days cancellation – half fee
15 days+ – no cancellation fees

Suppliers would rather cancel the sessions for you with no cancellation fees.
In order to do this, you will need to give the supplier over two weeks-notice.

These are also the Cancellation terms recommended by the National Union of BSL Interpreters (NUBSLI) –

  • A session takes into consideration a whole day, so if multiple support workers are booked for one day – this would count as one session.

For further information.