Sally Reynolds, Victoria Nelson, and Sarah Cassandro

These three inspirational women set precedent and took a company owned by Liz Hobbs to court in response to their failure to have interpreters for the Little Mix concert supporting acts…and won!




In response to the Government’s failure to supply British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters at the Covid-19 Government briefings Lynn Stewart-Taylor started the #WhereIsTheInterpreter campaign.  A case was brought to court and in 2021 the court ruling that the UK Government had breached the Equality Act when it failed to provide on-platform interpreters for it’s Covid-19 briefings, was a landmark success in Deaf history.   Claims are now being brought for compensation as well as policy change.


The Welsh Government

The Welsh Government lead the way in making the Covid-19 briefings accessible to their deaf viewers by consistently having a BSL interpreter available for almost all their briefings.  Downing Street – Take note!

BSL Act Now!

The British Deaf Association is behind the BSL Act Now! campaign and has been working to get the attention of Government and along with the dedicated support from the deaf community gain awareness and support from the wider public this has now reached a pivotal moment.  

On 28th January Parliament debate the BSL Bill brought forward by Rosie Cooper. MP, in the next step in British Sign Language (BSL) being recognised as a official language. 

If the Bill passes this stage, then it will next go to committee stage, and following this a third reading later this year. 

Find out more here 

NAD and the White House settle

The White House and NAD settled at law suit in March 2021 in response to the lack of ASL Interpreters at White House Covid-19 press conferences.  Another success for accessibility and inclusion.  Find out more here.

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