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World Federation of the Deaf


Hosted a series of 12 international webinars covering all issues encountered by deaf people, making these valuable sources of information and discussion more accessible to deaf people around the world.  

World Federation of the Deaf

Ben Fletcher

Has been working with Sign Language Linguists, educators and deaf professionals to create 100s of new computing and tech terms in BSL.  Alison (@Deaf) on Twitter put it perfectly:

This matters, it raises the status of our language.

We are excited to see what happens!  

Check out his video here to see some of the already agreed signs.

Newsround launches BSL bulletins

BBC children’s news programme, Newsround, announced that from 19 April 2022 it’s bulletins will be accessible in British Sign Language, enabling deaf young people to access and understand what is happening in the world.

One young deaf person said “It makes me happy that, in the past there has been no interpreter.  I’ve been unable to access the news in that way.  To be able to see that is fantastic.”

Watch more young deaf people welcoming this announcement here.

Newsround on TV with BSL Interpreter with a group of deaf young people watching

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