Starbucks employee Krystal went above and beyond for one of her regular customers, and spent around 3 hours of her own time learning American Sign Language so she could give him the same experience as everyone else.  Check out their touching story here.  

A viral video on TikTok is bringing new attention to the barriers the hard-of-hearing and deaf communities face at the drive-thru.  

The video has reached 19 million views, and shows Starbucks employee Brianna assisting Dallin in the drive-thru. 

Find out more here about how Starbucks are really leading the way in making their customer experience accessible to deaf customers!   

Starbucks does it again!  

With over 6million views, see how a great drive-thru experience can happen even without the technology from the previous story.  

It’s really just about reading the situation, taking the time to see what the customer needs and making small adjustments to make their experience as close to everyone else’s as you can.  


Waterstones made a small but very valuable contribution to deaf shoppers during the pandemic when they introduced simple signage to their shops recognising the difficulty masks made to lip-reading customers, and telling them it was okay to ask staff to remove them if they needed them to.  

This really shows how simple something can be in order to make a real difference to deaf shopper’s experiences. 

Taco Bell

This young Taco Bell employee didn’t realise the difference he would make when he took American Sign Language (ASL) as an elective in his studies.  He made a real difference making a deaf customer coming to Taco Bell where he was working feel welcomed and understood when he came into the store feeling confused.  Check out the video which went viral here. 


It’s amazing to show that just because you are hard of hearing or deaf, and wearing a hearing aid, you can still enjoy and appreciate music.  

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