Hermon Berhane and Heroda

Deaf twins Hermon and Heroda of Being Her are shining bright in the fashion world and lighting the way for other Black Deaf women and deaf entrepreneurs as a whole.  


John Lewis/Deaf Identity

John Lewis has brought Deaf Identity, an online clothing company selling deaf-theme apparel as a pop-up in the iconic department store, helping to raise awareness during Deaf Awareness Week 2021.  In doing so they made history, as Deaf Identity is the first deaf-owned brand to be featured in the store.  Read more


Facebook demonstrated the power of communication and connection through their Facebook Portal in this touching TV advert using sign language between two sisters.  


Even though this touching video turns out to be a marketing video made in Turkey for Samsung, promoting their Hearing Hands service, you can clearly see the effect that the surprise had on Muharrem.  Many touching moments between both strangers and friends.  The power of simple communication!  


We love this advert and the joy the guy in the film is getting from enjoying hearing and experiencing the music.  

Deaf Business Owners are an Inspiration!

Check out this blog post from Seek the World where they showcase a wide range of Deaf Owned businesses who are inspiring communities and business owners alike.   They continue to adapt, innovate and a grow from strength to strength!   

Winter In Wales

Simply beautiful!  It’s always inspiring to see children and adults hearing aids in mainstream advertising.  Really taking steps to normalise the wearing of hearing aids. 

Disability Representation on Channel 4

Channel four have always been on the forefront of inclusivity and their coverage of the Winter Paralympics is no different when they announced a 100% disabled presenting team to cover all the coverage. 

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