Emma joined the terptree team after working over 8 years as a Sales Administrator for BMW and previous to that joined the software support team at a computer systems company in Hungerford.

Her customer and administration skills learnt over the years ensure she is at ease in the Customer Loyalty Team to talk to our clients and really understand their needs. She thrives on ensuring our clients are really happy.

She has high standards, is super detailed focused and really cares about making a difference in the world.

Emma lives with her boyfriend and two step children, who keep her on her toes (including the boyfriend!).  Apart from doing the usual drop off and pick up at football and dance classes for the kids, in her spare time she enjoys watching Formula 1 and relaxing with her family. She misses the belly and burlesque dancing days, instead she likes to go running or to the gym. This ensures she can eat as much chocolate and as many biscuits as she likes! Yum!