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World Class Deaf Customer Experience

There are 11 million people who are deaf or have a hearing loss in the UK and the truth is they are massively underserved by most businesses retailers and organisations.

Get it right and rewards are significant both in terms of:

Increased sales
Press coverage
Social impact on reputation

Getting this wrong can have catastrophic consequences especially nowadays with social media.

We work with businesses to look at their learning outcomes for team members and the strategic direction and create bespoke training modules that will fit within these to ensure staff are given high quality training that helps them provide a world class deaf customer experience.

This ensures that there is a consistent approach, building and maintaining levels of deaf awareness across the business, as well as relevant activities to attract and retain deaf customers.



Our Sign Language Interpreting Services are the foundation our business was built on.

Deaf Awarness training

Deaf awareness Training

We provide face-to-face deaf awareness training for teams of people. Whether it be that you have a deaf member of the team newly joining, or you would like to know how to



This is where we undertake a full and detailed audit of a business to look at how they are serving deaf customers. We work with our customer to take a look at the current practice



We work with key members of teams to focus on identified projects. It could be that the business is looking to ensure consistency in deaf customer experience across the business

World Class Deaf Customer Experience

World Class Deaf Customer Experience

there are 11 million people who are deaf or have a hearing loss in the UK and the truth is they are massively underserved by most businesses retailers and organisations.

British Sign Language (BSL)/ English Interpreting

Our Sign Language Interpreting Services are the foundation upon which we built our business.   The team at terptree have come a long way since starting providing Sign Language Interpreting. Our experience has led to the development of a successful business that provides many services. But interpreting remains close to our hearts.   A deaf person lives life in exactly the same way as the rest of us. But to do so, needs full access to all of these like-minded...

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Deaf Awareness training

Face-to-face training: Our face-to-face deaf awareness training is ideal for teams. For example, you may: Have a new deaf team member joining you; or Recognise that offering your deaf customers should be a more much more inclusive experience We can guarantee all deaf awareness training delivered by the team at terptree is tailored around your needs.   Online Training: Using our expertise and knowledge we identify the required learning outcomes for your team/s. A schedule for online deaf awareness training...

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This service provides a full and detailed audit of your business as it is. During the audit, our expert team will work with you collaboratively to analyse your current practices; and how you serve deaf customers and those with a hearing loss across your business. This is achieved by gaining a clear understanding of how your business functions on a day-to-day basis. From this exercise a gap analysis is conducted, and then our expert knowledge is applied; enabling us to...

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The focus during consultancy sessions will be on specific, identified projects that terptree will work on alongside your team. This could be a business goal such as ensuring your brand is consistent when providing its deaf customer experience across the company. Or it could be to create a winning marketing strategy to target deaf customers specifically. One of our most popular consulting services is providing help with your brand’s positioning in the deaf community. Other popular choices are evaluating your...

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World Class Deaf Customer Experience

There are 11 million people who are deaf or have a hearing loss in the UK. And, sadly, they are massively under served by most businesses; retailers, and organisations. But it is possible to turn this situation around. And if you have the opportunity to do so you should take it. Because when you get it right the rewards are significant. You will benefit from: Increased sales Positive press coverage Increased positive Social impact on your brand’s reputation But getting...

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Clients HAVE

What Clients say

Just want to say thank you so much for the interpreters provided through terptree this year.
It has been fantastic working with terptree, if I did not understand words or meanings in the lecture – the interpreters explained them to me which I really appreciated.  Looking forward to working with them again in the next term.

Deaf student, Early Childhood Studies |

We contacted terptree for a signer to help us out at a Parents Evening.  They quickly found someone in the local area that was happy to come out in the evening to sign and accompany a parent around the hall translating their child’s progress.

We were very happy with the quick prompt service that we received from terptree.  They liaised well between us and the signer. Thank you, we will certainly use terptree again.

Kennet School, Thatcham |

We were introduced to terptree by a student; our Disability Advisor then researched the company and assessed our requirements in line with DSA.
The student successfully graduated after receiving the support. We would engage in their services again if we need to in the future and recommend them to others. It’s also great to have a partnership with a company as reputable as terptree!
In addition to the service provided to the student, the administration of the whole procedure was easy and straightforward! They were extremely responsive, timely and helpful.

University of South Wales |

The service has been absolutely brilliant! I think terptree is a great service for deaf people and I would like to thank all of the Notetakers who have worked with me.  Thank you for all the extra miles you’ve gone it’s been very appreciated! I shall be recommending your agency when I transfer to my next University!

Deaf Student, Diploma in Art and Design |

Sky Productions inherited terptree as a ‘recommended company’ from previous colleagues and managers. But we are more than happy to continue relationships with them.

We use both technical and colloquial terms, so it’s so beneficial to be able to use a BSL Interpreter provider that understand these, and the interpreters from terptree can do so.

Using terptree has enabled us to have a more personal relationship with our deaf team member that is more than just the written word in emails and text messages. It means we can communicate on a broader level, so it’s beneficial to both her and us.

There is improved understanding and a better rapport. We can also provide a more effective ‘person to person’ staff training process and address any issues in an appropriate manner and environment.

We highly recommend terptree to anyone needing more than an average BSL interpreter!

Sky Productions (BSkyB) |

“It is because of the services we can offer through terptree that deaf students are actually able to come here.They have the ability to access all their classes and attend appointments.And that’s integral because if they haven’t got an Interpreter then they can’t access any information and they might not be able to come to University.

I would definitely recommend them; one of the main reasons being is because I do think they offer a professional service.They are an exceptional organisation.”

Middlesex University | Sharon Rankin

“We heard about terptree through word of mouth from a friend and they only had positive things to say, so we decided to use their service.”

“We needed to provide interpreters to expand accessibility as much as possible in one of the theatres at Comic-Con so that deaf people could participate and interact with the panels.

They could interact and enjoy the experience just like everyone else.

“I would absolutely recommend terptree. They are very easy to use, from booking through to the delivery at the event. The interpreters were all fantastic and even when some of the panellists tried to trip them up by throwing in rude words they handled it well. We will definitely be using terptree again for our shows next year.”

Comic Con | Joanna Waszczuk

“We use terptree to provide support for a deaf member of staff at our quarterly meetings. All of the staff are a joy to deal with and we always get the highest quality interpreters. We would not consider going anywhere else for our interpreting support

MOOG | Nicole Rowland

We're proud to say we work with...

Middlesex University
Houses of parliament
Hearing dogs for deaf people
Royal Albert Hall
Shakespeares Globe
University of Sussex
HM Courts and Tribunals service