We exist to create an inclusive world for deaf people.

Here are the ways in which we can work with you to revamp
 your deaf employee and deaf customer experience!

Our Services

This service enables deaf and hearing people to communicate with one another. Maybe you have a team meeting, job interview, health appointment or University lecture?

We provide highly skilled and qualified Sign Language Interpreters and other Communication Professionals.

Deafness is an invisible disability, so you cannot always tell that someone is deaf.  If, for example the deaf person has long hair covering their hearing aids, or not wearing any at all – you would not even know they were deaf. 

This causes numbers of issues for deaf employees and deaf customers, whose needs are often misunderstood.

Using our expertise and knowledge we identify the challenges you are facing and design Deaf Awareness training around your needs as a team and business.

We specialise in education and have been providing support to deaf students at University for over 10 years.

Our expert team is on hand to answer any questions you have about supporting a deaf student at University.  We provide BSL Interpreting, Notetaking, Speech to Text and more, so that deaf students can fully engage and participate in their University experience.

There are 12 million people in the UK who are deaf or have a hearing loss.

And sadly, they are massively underserved by most businesses, retailers and organisations.

Understanding what makes a world class deaf customer experience will allow your business to implement the right steps to make it happen.
Those steps will enable deaf customers to feel understood and to receive a personalised level of service and brand experience.

There are 5 million people in the UK of working age who are deaf or have a hearing loss.

Now, let’s make this even more relevant for you…this number represents 1 in 12 of our workforce!  Yes, 1 in 12 of your colleagues will either be deaf or have a hearing loss.
And deaf people stay longer with businesses longer.

We support HR and People teams in recruiting and retaining deaf talent.

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