Purple Tuesday is coming up for another year on 12th of November 2019. If you haven’t already been made aware, it’s a day where businesses are encouraged to think about how they serve disabled customers. It’s a fantastic initiative, and it’s being taken up by more and more businesses.

Purple Tuesday is still a relatively new movement. And, as with every new movement, in time, it will build more traction.
Or does it?

If we look at movements over time, historically there have been several that have been ‘people lead’ to great success; and others that have been ‘business lead’ to an equal level of success.

The real way to get things moving in this particular market segment is to get business backing. Purple Tuesday is an excellent Initiative for a genuine understanding and awareness of disabled shoppers and the fact that they should always be considered in the marketplace.

But if you want to get really relevant, it is worth looking at weeks like deaf awareness week, for example? As then you are talking specifically about that particular customer group.
Deaf awareness week is in May, and it aims to build general awareness about deaf people’s needs specifically. It is a charity led by the UK council and is supported by other deaf charities, people in the deaf community and other community groups.

There are only a few occasions where this has been used to foster a real understanding of deaf people by businesses who have understood the power of sharing such messages about deaf customers during deaf awareness week.

One example of this was last year in Deaf Awareness Week when Aldi created an advert featuring a deaf mother and daughter (Maisie Sly) communicating in British Sign Language over fish fingers.

It was great to see sign language used in a home environment like this.
Aldi Advert with Sign Language

Deaf awareness week has massive opportunities for those businesses and organisations who wish to understand how they can better serve this massive consumer group of 11 million in the UK.

You could argue that this type of promotion and activity could happen around Purple Tuesday, but in my opinion it’s much better to give things space to grow. We know very well the theories of marketing that you should talk to your specific customer groups as they will then fully understand the messages targeted at them. It is precisely the same when we are talking about opportunities like this. Sharing a specific message in a specific week, talking to a specific group of customers will be way more powerful then go for general effect.

It’s true of all your marketing and certainly lots to think about…