Wow, I have received a LOT of emails in the last couple of months.

Emails from businesses that I buy from regularly and some whom I have only bought from once, all telling me about the new shopping experience with them, how things are going to be different, and the processes that they have put in place to keep me safe.

Now, in marketing terms, the purpose of the subject line is to encourage the recipient to open the email.  So, now the email is open, the next challenge is to keep the reader engaged.

Having gone through around 50-100 emails I received (yes, I have always been a fan of online shopping), the majority of the content was long and lengthy text and as a customer, yes it was reassuring that everything had been considered and the business wanted to go to great lengths to reassure me.  But, did I read these emails?

Well, for the first few I did, but then as they continued to come, the more I disengaged as they were all extensive and all started to look, feel, and read the same.

However, one of the emails that stood out to me was this one.



Why is this better?

There is no lengthy text in the email, only this infographic that tells me everything I need to know as a customer.  The message is easy to navigate as the text has been broken down.  They have used images to represent each section and this makes it really easy to digest.

They have made it super simple and distilled the content into 5 key messages. I feel reassured as I know exactly what to expect in-store.  It shows me that they have understood the Government guidance and know how to implement it in a way that keeps customers safe.

The common-sense approach also makes me feel more confident than I would do entering stores with lengthy text.

Time to have a look at the emails you have sent and plan to send to your customers?