Is it me? Or is it now that everywhere we look we are seeing deaf people absolutely smashing it? The most recent example of this is a fantastic design that was made on an Azera coffee tin.

The design features British sign language, fingerspelling the words “uplifting” when you follow the ribbon around the tin.

There definitely seems to be a growing understanding of deaf people and how they communicate. And this is having a positive effect on how they are portrayed in the media. As you would have read in previous articles, we have talked about the Oscar-winning short film The Silent Child, starring Maisie Sly. And more recently the Channel 4 award-winning Maltesers advert showing two deaf women talking about her dog eating her hearing aid.

Not only is it fantastic to see BSL featuring on supermarket shelves; but these beautiful tins perfectly reflect the beauty of British sign language. A language that many people want to learn and that is now being made more accessible to the mainstream.

It’s super exciting seeing brands getting behind deaf designers, deaf actors and presenters and we are very much looking forward to seeing more. Because not only does it help in terms of general awareness, but it also goes a long way in supporting causes such as the BSL act being recognised by the government.