There are 11 million people who are deaf or have a hearing loss in the UK. And, sadly, they are massively under served by most businesses; retailers, and organisations.

But it is possible to turn this situation around. And if you have the opportunity to do so you should take it.

Because when you get it right the rewards are significant. You will benefit from:

  • Increased sales
  • Positive press coverage
  • Increased positive Social impact on your brand’s reputation

But getting it wrong can have catastrophic consequences.

For example, before social media took hold, negative experiences with a company were often kept to a small circle of friends and colleagues. Now, stories of less than excellent customer service can gain momentum through social media networks and it’s become increasingly difficult for companies to contain this negative publicity.

But on a positive note, good news spreads too!

So, we believe the answer is to provide a world-class customer experience consistently.

terptree works with businesses to look at the learning outcomes for their team members and the strategic direction you should be taking.

Then, by creating bespoke training modules to fit your needs, your staff are equipped with the tools that will help them deliver that world-class deaf customer experience.

Our training and input ensure there is a consistent approach; building and maintaining levels of deaf awareness across the business. As well as relevant activities to attract and retain deaf customers.

Royal Albert Hall“Victoria was extremely helpful in working with us, she gave us ideas on things to consider in terms of the whole customer journey.

This included everything from marketing the event to the deaf community, to ensuring the front of house was deaf friendly.”

“As this was the first time we had carried out such a project, there was a steep learning curve for everyone involved.

Under Victoria’s expert guidance, we worked through each of the different phases of the customer journey and terptree definitely exceeded our expectations of the support we had commissioned for the prom”.
“Thank you so much to terptree for working with us on the first ever relaxed Prom event – we were thrilled with the outcome and it seems that the audience were too from the comments we’ve received so far.
To receive access to deaf awareness tips in the lead up to the event really supported our team in communicating with deaf Prom-goers and the feedback that terptree shared with us was really useful too!”
Flo Shroeder, Royal Albert Hall