Face-to-face training:

Our face-to-face deaf awareness training is ideal for teams. For example, you may:

  • Have a new deaf team member joining you; or
  • Recognise that offering your deaf customers should be a more much more inclusive experience

We can guarantee all deaf awareness training delivered by the team at terptree is tailored around your needs.


Online Training:

Using our expertise and knowledge we identify the required learning outcomes for your team/s.

A schedule for online deaf awareness training within your business is then created.

These sessions focus on the most critical outcomes so your team/s learn to align with corporate strategy. A consistent approach is ensured; along with building and maintaining deaf awareness across your business or organisation.


“We asked Victoria to provide the deaf awareness training to our Partners and were excited for Leckford Farm to be seen as the trial branch and flagship within the Waitrose Group and John Lewis Partnership for rolling out this training”.

“the training not only met but exceeded our expectations. We loved the way Victoria put everyone at ease, explaining what she was going to cover from the outset. She has a lovely presence and we all really appreciated the role-play she got us to do. We have all worked as a team for a number of years, so we were all really confident in doing this, and this put us at ease from the start.”

Everyone got something out of it and the whole team obtained tremendous value from the evening. For some it was a gentle push to make them think more in their dealings with deaf customers, for others it gave them the confidence to know that they were equipped with the skills to provide excellent customer service to deaf and hearing customers alike.”
“What we have seen is an improvement in our customer service not only for deaf customers, but also for all of our customers”

Kevin Taylor, Waitrose