We work with key members of teams to focus on identified projects. It could be that the business is looking to ensure consistency in deaf customer experience across the business, create a winning marketing strategy to specifically target deaf customers, help with positioning in the deaf community, evaluate online presence or embedding a world class deaf customer experience into internal processes.

With any of the work we undertake, we leave the business with a comprehensive implementation plan for the team to action as well as any accompanying guidance that is needed. A visit and an hour-long phone call to answer any further queries.

It is crucial that deaf customers’ needs are in the mindset of those designing new products, services and processes from the very start.

This is a bespoke service where our founder Victoria meets with your team and consults on the key answers for the next quarter.

After these sessions, you will be left with a comprehensive implementation plan for you and your team to action as well as all accompanying guidance you need.


Houses of parliamentVictoria got in touch with our team to find out more about how Parliament works.  After these initial discussions and session to the terptree team, Victoria spent some time with the Accessibility Team at the Houses of Parliament, offering support and guidance on how to make Parliament accessible for deaf people.
We are currently working on a joint project to create information about Parliament in BSL.  Victoria is one passionate individual who is driven by making a change in the world and the project that we are working on together will definitely do that.”

Alasdair MacKenzie, Houses of Parliament