What to do if the deaf student is unhappy with the supplier?

When you meet with the student on a regular basis; if the student is unhappy with the support they are receiving; they are able to quickly communicate this to you.

The student may be unhappy for a number of reasons:

– Lack of communication from supplier
– No choice of interpreters
– Reduced consistency in interpreters
– Dissatisfied with the quality of interpreters

Before a change in supplier is made; contact the supplier and discuss the issues that the student is facing and try to seek resolution.  Once a plan has been agreed; support the student in ensuring that they can communicate directly with the supplier and continue to receive the right level of service.

If after discussing the service with the supplier, the student is still not receiving the support they need; then there is always the option of changing supplier.

Changing supplier

You will need to manage this change so that the student is not left without support during the changeover. Ensure that support with the existing supplier is left in place to an agreed date and then future dates are filled by new supplier so that there is a smooth transition.

To change suppliers, the student will need to contact their DSA Assessor (who initially assessed them) and explain they would like to change suppliers and discuss the options.

This would more than likely be agreed by the Assessor, and the new supplier would be added to the DSA2 letter. Once this has been received by the student and shared with the new supplier, the support will commence.

Suppliers will not commence support until they have received the DSA2 letter with them named as the supplier. This is due to the risks involved should the supplier book and provide the service and then not be named on the DSA2 letter; there would then be no way of recouping the costs of what has been provided.

For more information and timescales, please contact the students assessor directly.

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