What is a Roger Pen

The Roger Pen is a wireless microphone that is used in combination with hearing aids. Due to its portable design, it can be conveniently used where additional support is needed over distance and in loud noise. It can also transmit the sound of multimedia devices, TVs and phone calls.

Phonak Roger PenIt transmits the signal to hearing aids through a receiver. These miniature receivers attach directly to hearing instruments or cochlear implant speech processors. For almost every hearing instrument and processor there is a compatible Roger receiver. 

The speaker holds the Roger Pen or wears it around their neck attached to a lanyard. The speech can be heard from up to 60 feet (20 metres) away and is sent straight to the hearing aids.

The Roger Pen can also be used in small group conversations with up to six participants.  This works by placing the Roger Pen in the middle of the table.  The Roger Pen is used in one-on-one conversations by attaching the clip to the person you are speaking to or asking them to wear a lanyard.

The Roger Pen can be connected to any device that is capable of doing phone calls such as a mobile phones, landline phones, computers, and tablets.  

The easiest way to pair a Roger Pen with a phone/computer is by using Bluetooth wireless technology.  This also gives users the added benefit of making calls using VoIP services such as Skype.

Image Courtesy of Phonak

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