5 Ways To Create An Accessible Environment For A Deaf Employee

Creating an accessible work environment for deaf employees requires a commitment from both the employer and employees. By implementing the measures below, employers can create a more inclusive workplace that caters to the needs of deaf employees, helping them to work effectively and achieve their full potential.

Here are 5 ways you can create an accessible workplace environment for your deaf employees:

  1. Use visual aids: Visual aids such as captions, subtitles, or written notes can help deaf employees understand and follow discussions, presentations, or videos. These can be used in meetings, training sessions, or even during phone calls and video conferences.
  2. Install visual alarms: Visual alarms and notifications can help alert deaf employees to important events, incoming calls, or visitor arrivals. Visual alarms are particularly important for health and safety purposes, as they can alert deaf employees to emergency situations, for example alarms in case of a fire. 
  3. Provide communication professionals: Employers can arrange for communication professionals to attend important meetings, presentations, and training sessions to ensure that deaf employees can fully participate and understand the information being conveyed. It is important to note that not all deaf employees may want this, so it is always important to ask the employee what their communication preference is.
  4. Use the Access to Work scheme: The Access to Work scheme is a government initiative that provides funding for workplace adaptations and assistive technology to help employees with disabilities, including deafness, to carry out their job. Employers can make use of this scheme to provide support for their deaf employees, such as paying for the cost of interpreters or assistive technology.
  5. Deaf Awareness Training: Deaf Awareness Training equips employees with the knowledge and skills needed to interact effectively with deaf colleagues and include them in the workplace. By receiving Deaf Awareness Training, hearing colleagues can better understand how to communicate with their deaf peers and how to make sure they feel included, which can lead to a more harmonious working environment and happier deaf employees. 

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