You may have seen via social media platforms, the #WhereIsTheInterpreter campaign has been gaining some real momentum over the past couple of months. The campaign leads have been posting regular reminders onto social media platforms to ensure that the campaign continues gaining strength.

The next major thing on the horizon is the government’s plan to hold daily briefings again, starting in October.  At the moment there is no information regarding if they are planning to provide a ‘live on platform BSL interpreter‘ for these.  Check our post here about how Captions are not a replacement for BSL Interpreters.  Here’s where you come in…!

They are asking that people write to Boris Johnson to request that an interpreter be available for ALL briefings.  If you could include why this is so vital to the Deaf community it could really help. The more letters the government receives asking #WhereIsTheInterpreter and regarding our lack of access, the harder it will become for them to ignore us!

It doesn’t have to be too lengthy or time consuming, but an impactful letter outlining lack of access & barriers to communication & its damaging effects could be really beneficial.

WTI are planning to do a fundraising event to help promote the #WhereIsTheInterpreter campaign further.  And it will bring the community together even more!

Taking inspiration and invaluable support from 2 Deaf Foot.  They are planning to walk from Cardiff to No 10 Downing Street in October! This route has been chosen as we can start in Cardiff.   While here can commend the Welsh government on their excellent accessibility measures for the Deaf community to their COVID briefings.  The plan is then to walk a route to London, with designated stops along the way and get together with the deaf community. They will be joined along the way by a variety of supporters too. Once in London they are planning to have a letter hand delivered to No 10.

Very exciting times for deaf rights, so watch this space!  For more information on #WhereIsTheInterpreter checkout their Facebook page