Deaf Customer Experience (DCX)

What We Do

There are 12 million people in the UK who are deaf or have a hearing loss.

And sadly, they are massively underserved by most businesses, retailers and organisations.

Understanding what makes a world class deaf customer experience will allow your business to implement the right steps to make it happen.
Those steps will enable deaf customers to feel understood and to receive a personalised level of service and brand experience.

We work with your team collaboratively to gain an understanding of how you currently serve customers who are deaf or have a hearing loss; across your business.

The Benefits


Improved Customer

Better serve current deaf customers

Provides a focus
on inclusion

Desirable press

Social impact on your brand’s reputation

How it Works

The first stage is getting to know your business and its priorities.

We spend time getting under the skin of your business and through discussion, we pull out the key priorities when it comes to serving deaf customers and ensure that it fits within your business and strategic goals.

This insight is then teamed with our expertise on all things deaf customer experience. We start to identify the areas where you can enhance the customer experience.

Once the gaps have been identified, we make them transparent to you, educate you on the impact that these are having on your deaf customers and discuss the solutions.

Many of the things that we see in businesses require small inexpensive changes, but we know that when it is brought to light the value that this offers to both the business and its deaf customers is huge.

Examples of projects may look like, working with you on making a particular process or journey accessible for deaf people, creating and implementing a customer training programme, working on a particular CX project or sharing our experience on a strategic piece of work.

We are there to support you with the project you are working on, however big or small.

Who We Work With

We work with CX Managers, Teams, Director and C suite level.

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