Who are the BDHS and what do they do? Read on to find out how to help the efforts of the British Deaf History Society and visit their museum filled with deaf artifacts throughout the ages.

The British Deaf History Society is a well-recognised voluntary and charitable organisation which was established in 1993 in Warrington.  At their site in Warrington, they have a small museum along with offices and a neatly arranged research library where people can visit to read about topics relating to deaf history.  New information is being added to this archive on a regular basis.

The objectives of the British Deaf History Society are encouraging the study of Deaf History, preserving materials and recording items of historical value related to Deaf History as well as producing a range of publications.

Their mission:

The main mission of BDHS is to actively encourage and increase the interest for discovering, safeguarding and restoring history relating to deaf people.

The historical items that they have available serves in getting an insight into past deaf communities, their culture as well as the language used by them.

BDHS’s activities include the publishing of Deaf History Journal four times a year, running conferences and seminars and the publication of a wide range of resources about deaf history.

The projects run by the British Deaf History Society are:

  •         Publishing and distribution of the Deaf History Journal amongst members four times a year
  • Conducting workshops on deaf history at least twice a year
  • Visits to other deaf history locations abroad
  • Publishing various books and journals on deaf history
  • Conducting regular campaigns with a mission of preserving resources
  • Support and funding of projects relating to deaf history
  • Collaboration with educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities on the studies relating to deaf history
  • Compiling and updating catalogues on deaf history in their library and archives


Future plans of The British Deaf History Society:

The British Deaf History Society has recently launched their Warrington based museum and is now busy carrying out the mission for preservation of these important resources.

Why become a member?

The British Deaf History Society is perfect for those who are interested in understanding the historical, social as well as the cultural background of deaf people.

With the library, archives and museum – it is also a great place for those who are looking to research specific areas such as Mental Health and Deafness, social services, the evolution of the deaf community and many more areas.

Help today at: http://www.bdhs.org.uk/