Who are deafPLUS

The organisation deafPLUS was formerly known as Breakthrough Deaf-Hearing Integration. It has been providing services for deaf people for over 40 years. DeafPLUS provide effective training to the deaf community and to those with hearing difficulties in order to help them achieve success in their lives.

The mission of deafPLUS:

DeafPLUS is a charity organisation that works to encourage integration and equality between the deaf and hearing communities. DeafPLUS aim to create a world where the deaf and hearing can live in harmony and work together to enjoy the same quality of life. Overall helping deaf people to face the world with confidence.

Services provided by deafPLUS:

Their services include providing information and advice to those who are physically disabled. They provide personal support and guidance to aid individual development. DeafPLUS provide training in lip-reading and assistance with hearing loss rehabilitation programs in order to help those who are hearing impaired and to others with hearing issues.

DeafPLUS also have the support of BME and Deaf Blind programs. The organisation help with the rehabilitation of deaf people by providing training in IT as well as programs for the use of the internet. They encourage active participation in: art, leisure and social activities. DeafPLUS support deaf people in securing employment.

The latest services provided by deafPLUS:

DeafPLUS provide advisory services for deaf people and have plans to launch many more innovative ideas in the near future, which will help to improve the lives of deaf people.

Find out more about deafPLUS here: http://www.deafplus.org/