Prime Ministers Concept of a Shared Society

On a recent day spa visit, I sat chilling on the heated beds and found a perfectly entitled magazine called ‘Balance’.

There was an article by Nijal Arthanayake discussing an Oath of Integration, which was recently suggested by the Government to ensure that we integrate better with one another.


In his article, Nijal describes the current divisions that are within our society and states: “Left to our own devices, do we huddle together with those who physically resemble us, only wishing to see a giant reflection of ourselves?”

What an interesting comment to make and quite accurate from my viewpoint.  We feel much safer when surrounded by others who are like us.  In many cases, this is a good thing as it allows us to feel comfortable in our own skin.

He also states, “Making friendships with people different from you will take time and emotional investment”.


Are we making it more complicated?

I totally understand that this can be the case.  But I also wonder whether we are making this far more complicated than it needs to be.

Let’s face it, we are all people – and when you remove all of the things that make us different, we all have the same basic needs as a human race.

I am not suggesting that this means, in fact, things are straightforward, as there are so many considerations in every single interaction that can have an impact on the outcome.  I do, however, feel that when we take things in their simplest form, we have real clarity.

When you find yourself in a fight or flight situation, all of the things that would usually determine how you react are removed, and you respond in the most human way you can.

I found myself in a situation where a man collapsed in the street out of the blue.  Instead of considering whether I was capable of helping with the situation (intellectually or emotionally); or whether, in fact, I wanted to – I just did.  There was no time to think about a response; it just happened.

Now, this is certainly not to point out any individual qualities.  Only to highlight how we can very quickly integrate into the situation; when we are not dwelling on our differences.


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