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So you’ve decided to make the great decision to learn BSL (British Sign Language), and you want to enhance your learning and passion even more!

You don’t have to aspire to be a BSL/English Interpreter to enhance your skills or knowledge of the beautiful British Sign Language language. It is our mission here at terptree to improve the world for deaf people and hearing people alike, and to do that, we are determined to improve the use of BSL in as many people as we can. Now we know not every deaf person uses BSL, but the more people that know a language, the more that community and language will grow!

So if you’ve just taken up BSL as a hobby or you’re on the road to becoming a Sign Language Interpreter, whatever your style or approach, we think you’re going to love our posts all about the pages you should follow on Facebook! So without further ado, let’s crack on with these fabulous Facebook pages:


  1. British Deaf Association (BDA)

The BDA was established in 1890 as the British Deaf and Dumb Association and was set up to fight against the Oralist movement that had taken over 10 years earlier.

It is the largest Deaf organisation in the UK that is run by Deaf people and aims to ensure the language, community, culture, diversity, and heritage of British Deaf people are protected. They are hugely prolific in the Deaf Community and are well worth a ‘like’.

British Sign is definitely the place to start for anyone just starting to learn BSL or even for someone curious about the Language then. British Sign is definitely the place to start!


2. BSL Zone

BSL Zone makes an appearance on our list for one sole reason; their content is pure quality, truly putting the work of everyone who utilises BSL on the map!

They produce gripping and educational video content. What better way to learn a language than to immerse yourself in the cultural BSL Zone feature content primarily in British Sign language with the use of subtitles? Therefore you can track how well you are grasping the signs.


3. Limping Chicken



Not necessarily a page where you’ll learn BSL, but you will definitely learn all about the deaf community, and the current issues and prejudice they face. Whilst also being made aware of the inspirational members and all the incredible news stories relating to deaf people and BSL.

There really is no other place to look before The Limping Chicken when it comes to deaf news. This page is more applicable should you use really deluge yourself in the deaf community and work within the community, but if that’s you, you’ll definitely want to give them a like!



If you’re looking to go as far as to become a fully qualified Sign Language Interpreter, then ASLI are definitely someone you will want to keep tabs on!

They have a list of useful information, events, and webinars that will improve your skills as a budding Sign Language Interpreter. Even as an RSLI (Registered Sign Language Interpreter), they will constantly help you to improve; after all, every day’s a school day!


5. European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (EFSLI)


EFSLI aims to raise the status of the sign language interpreting profession in Europe. They share information about different projects within Europe and share interesting videos and information.

This is a good page for anyone wanting to know more about sign language projects in other countries.


Well, We Hope You Have Found This Information Helpful.

You have reached the end of our list; we hope these Facebook pages will be useful to you. Stay tuned for more helpful posts; let us know if there’s anyone we missed that could be of benefit to anyone looking to learn or improve their BSL. As well as keeping up-to-date with all the exciting materials coming from us over here at terptree HQ!

Oh, and we almost forgot these guys…..

We’ve got plenty of really exciting content on the way, so like us on Facebook, and we’ll be sure to provide you with some valuable information for anyone looking to learn Sign Language at any level!