3 useful questions to ask deaf applicants for open days

Here are 3 useful questions to ask deaf applicants who would like to attend a virtual/face to face (later on) open day:

1. What is your preferred method of communication?

Never assume. Ask the deaf applicant how they prefer to communicate. This will reassure them that your University cares about their access needs.

If they are a British Sign Language user (BSL) – this makes it clear that a BSL Interpreter would most likely be the most suitable communication support.  This will differ if they rely on lipreading.

2. What communication support would you like for the open day?

This will allow the deaf applicant to share what communication support they will need to fully participant in the open day.

There are all different types of communication support available:

  • British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreter: enables communication between deaf people who use BSL and hearing people.
  • Speech to Text Reporter: provides a typed verbatim rendition of what is said.
  • Lipspeaker: uses clear lip patterns, sometimes aided by BSL – for the deaf person to access lipreading.

3. Have you worked with an Interpreter/Speech to Text Reporter/Lipspeaker remotely before?

This may be something that they have never experienced before – so here is an article that we have put together on How to include a deaf person in a video conference.

Feel free to share this with the deaf applicant as well as those who are managing your open days.

We can help! 

terptree provides a range of communication support services including:

  • BSL Interpreters
  • Speech to Text Reporters
  • Lipspeakers

…as well as a wider range of support

We are experts – so please feel free to pass this email onto your Admissions Team and do get in touch and ask, and we can recommend what is needed.

Any questions - as always we are here to help!

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