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What We Do

The biggest barrier that deaf people face is access to communication.

Imagine signing up for a mortgage, and not being entirely clear about what you have agreed to.

Or joining a new company and missing out on all the lunch break banter and conversations whilst waiting for the lift.

This is the experience that deaf people face every day.
Deaf Awareness Training is the perfect solution to give your teams confidence in communicating with deaf colleagues and customers.

This also gives the message to deaf colleagues and deaf customers that you are truly committed to creating an inclusive experience.

Without gaining these skills, there is often a communication barrier for deaf people, making it very difficult for them to access your organisation.

After this training, you will be able to:

  • Confidently approach a deaf person
  • Understanding the different types of deafness
  • Communicate with a wide range of deaf people
  • Work with BSL Interpreters and Communication Professionals
  • Use basic signs in BSL (if relevant)

terptree Deaf Awareness Training is always fun (!), delivers all that you need through a unique perspective.
Our training can be delivered face to face or online.

The Benefits

Create an inclusive workplace

Deliver an accessible deaf customer experience

Provide your teams with
new skills

Delivered by a
deaf trainer

Improved team

Access to additional resources post training

How it Works

Every Deaf Awareness Training session we deliver is different.

This is because we spend time getting to know your organisation so that the training, we provide is highly relevant.

We start in the research phase, where we spend time getting to know your business, what your teams do, and where the deaf person(s) fits into that.

If we are providing training within the workplace, we will also speak with the deaf team member, to find out where the barriers are within their workplace and within their role.

We take this insight and incorporate it into the session.

This ensures that the training meets the needs of the deaf person and when we leave the training within the business, we have resolved the deaf person’s needs, by addressing these in the training.

If we are providing training on the deaf customer experience, our team gives an understanding of the barriers that deaf people face in your particular sector and how to overcome them.

Once we have all the information we need, we craft our training materials around what your team needs to know.

Delivery will take place either face to face or online.

After the session, your team will be provided with additional resources to reinforce the learning and we are around to answer any extra questions you may have.

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