Williams Racing Formula 1 team focuses on deaf employee and customer experience

Every Deaf Awareness Week we see momentum growing from industry to industry and this year we have been delighted to start working with Williams Racing.

Williams is one of the world’s leading Formula 1 teams with a wealth of diverse and driven team members who are working towards the same goal.

terptree were engaged to deliver Deaf Awareness training and build Deaf Awareness into their business.

All areas of the deaf employee and deaf customer experience were considered including the Williams team, conference centre, race and fanbase.

“The deaf awareness training was enlightening, giving us all lots to think about. The lipreading exercise made us as a team really think about the barriers that deaf people face every day. Post the training session we began reviewing as a team what immediate changes we could implement to make our business more accessible for the 12 million deaf people in the UK.”
Claire Pagano
IT Programme Manager - Williams F1 Team

Very quickly after the Deaf Awareness Training was delivered, Williams were keen to provide further training to its staff. 

During Deaf Awareness Week was the perfect time to work with Williams again to offer the wider team a chance to learn some British Sign Language through their Learn and Lunch training series.

This session shared information about Deaf people in society and then covered the fingerspelling alphabet and a number of industry related signs.

It has been clear from the outset that Williams Racing is committed to making their business more accessible for both deaf employees and customers and we look forward to seeing where this journey takes them next.

Any questions - as always we are here to help!

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