The Story of Deafax: Tirelessly Striving to Better the Life for the Deaf

Deafax is a charitable organisation striving to develop deaf-friendly resources within society. Aiming to eliminate the isolation of the deaf community, Deafax needs our help.

Do you know that the most common condition affecting the world population today after arthritis and heart disease is hearing loss?  According to a 2012 estimation, the World Health Organisation declared that nearly 360 million people worldwide report severe limitations in hearing. Out of every 1000 babies born, 2 to 3 are hard of hearing. Deaf babies are more times than not, born to hearing parents. Deafax is a dynamic organisation working tirelessly towards eliminating the feeling of inadequacy in deaf people and integrating them into the wider community.

What is Deafax?

Ken Carter, Director of Research, has a deaf daughter and is also qualified to teach the hearing impaired. What struck him was the bright scope of applying technological know-how to improve the life skills of deaf people. With this goal in mind, he set up Deafax, a charitable organisation, in 1985. Deafax specializes in developing and delivering deaf-friendly resources which are interactive and visual. Since its inception, the organisation has worked with unwavering zeal and has managed to touch the lives of 30,000 deaf people of all ages in the UK.

Deafax aims to obliterate the feelings of isolation a deaf person feels by providing them with better life skills and literacy tools. Using innovative communication technologies, Deafax aims to enhance future employment opportunities for people with hearing difficulties. Deafax also trains teachers to effectively apply the latest Information and Communication technologies in educating their deaf students.

What is E.A.R.S.?

A recent study found that 53% of the UK’s deaf population lost their virginity within the age of 20. Deafax realizes the importance of the right information for maintaining sexual health. Deaf people often miss out on the avenues of information a majority of us take for granted. Thus in order to equip them with proper information and help them make informed decisions, Deafax has recently launched the E.A.R.S. campaign. (Education & Advice on Relationships & Sex for deaf people)

Under the guidance of Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist and Deafax’s Honorary President, Dr Vinton Cerf, a dedicated research unit has been set up. The publications of this unit are available on Deafax’s website. The main functions are to:

  1. Seek funds for conducting research on Information and Communication Technologies aimed at improving the life skills of people of all ages with hearing impairment.
  2. Create a professional network in different research units, universities and organisations to promote development in this area.
  3.  Promote the research output through different social media and boost public awareness.
  4. Study and evaluate the potential impact of the latest technologies on integrating the global deaf population into the mainstream community.


Deafax is a charitable organisation that banks on the generosity of people. It encourages dedicated volunteers to donate their valuable time to this noble cause and also welcomes cash donations.

You can donate today at: