The Kindness Economy

“A new order is evolving. And the indicators of how we want to live are everywhere. At Portas we call this new era, The Kindness Economy. An economy built on awareness and sentience. Kindness, a word rarely associated with business but one that I believe is fundamental to the future success of business”  Mary Portas

Mary Portas first started to talk about this ‘new economy’ back in December 2019. A time in which the world had already started to experience Coronavirus. But we had no idea that it would go this far. No-one could have foreseen the impact that this would have on the world and that her simple highlighting of the importance of being kind – would have felt so real in 2020.

Having now been through lockdown 1.0 and last week entering Lockdown 2.0. It’s a tough time and as a society, people are feeling fed up now of the uncertainty. The novelties have left us, the nice weather, having more time that we ever had before, clapping for the NHS and feeling like we are one.

This has all moved aside for wet, cold weather, dark afternoons, queuing for Supermarkets and ultimately the risk of not having Christmas with our families.

But, Mary Portas is right – it is MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER for our world to operating through kindness.

This fatigue with the virus is real. But what is more real, is the need we have for one another.

So, let that be our focus.

Let’s look after one another.

If you are working in retail that is still open – spend your days making people feel happy, which will in turn reciprocate that action and feeling for you.

Communicate with your customers using feelings rather than facts.

Do “put your own airbag on first”. Look after yourself so you have the ability to do this for others.

Sending love, light, health and kindness.

If you would like find out more about Mary Portas’ “The Kindness Economy” – you can see her TED talk here: