PART 3: The Deaf Customer Experience – Communication

In the third part of our four part blog series, now is time to move onto a really crucial area – COMMUNICATION!

We have taken a look at Understanding your deaf customer journey.

Last week focused on some of the solutions available.

If you are considering putting some of these in place (and we hope you are!), remember that COMMUNICATING these initiatives internally and externally is key.

External Customers




One of the things that has risen as an opportunity during this Pandemic, is using your email communications to inform customers of how you are serving them.

You would have all received emails from supermarkets and other retailers about the changes they have implemented to keep us safe. Very little of this has informed disabled customers and those who will find communication through a mask difficult – how this will work for them.

I would suggest that this is almost an immediate opportunity.

Communicate these solutions through your email communication strategy. Tell customers what the experience will be like for them and what changes you have made.

Although not all of those on your mailing list will be deaf or disabled, the likelihood is that they will have a deaf or disabled friend or family member. So spread this message widely.

This also leaves a good impression with your wider customers. People like that. People like to see that businesses are thinking about groups that are often not considered.

Businesses and retailers who make it very explicit that they can cater for deaf customers and are actively doing stuff to cater for deaf customers, will be the ones that will be building long term customer loyalty.


Website and Social Media Channels

You can also spread these same messages on your website and on your social channels.  A great place to have this on your website is on your Contact Us page – as this is often where customers go to gather information about how they access your business.



Think about the use of signage too.  When there are tannoy announcements, have this information made into signs. This could be displayed at the front of the store and say something like this:

“If you’re deaf or have a hearing loss, here is what we can do for you.”

A deaf customer seeing a sign like this at the entrance, would immediately reduce concern and anxiety and make them feel considered.  Visual, simple, and to the point.


Internal Customers

And don’t forget to tell your internal customers – yes, your colleagues!
It is fantastic to have schemes in place like the Sunflower Lanyards – but without communicating these to your teams, customers will not be able to make use of them.

Join us next week for our final instalment of this 4-part blog series. We will be focusing on TRAINING – spending more time talking about your Internal Customers.