Deaf football being advertised on radio?

You most probably would not suggest to a deaf person that they listen to the radio.  It makes me question why a deaf football event aimed at deaf people attending is being advertised on the radio.  It still amazes me that these obvious things still happen, as it seems that little or no care is taken to understand deaf customers’ needs.

3 M’s approach

If you go back to traditional marketing theory and look at the 3 M’s approach; Market, Message Media – these decisions would absolutely be avoided.

The market is where you define who this is being marketed to. Here you are looking to get a much clearer customer avatar than simply – deaf people. You will want to recognise what age group, personality traits, hobbies, likes etc.  This will help you narrow down your market so that you are only targeting those who would be interested.

Next, we look at the message.  Here is where we are looking at the key points that you want to communicate; and how you will put these into words. When you have a thorough understanding of your customer, you may identify that a deaf person may like to know how it is deaf-friendly, so they know whether it will suit their communication needs or not.

And finally…

As you are starting to see – only now do we look at Media, as you now have clarity over who you are marketing to and what you will say. Once you have clarity over these two factors, it would be very difficult to choose radio as a media when reaching deaf people.  You are now far more tuned into your customer and the best way to communicate with them.

These are really simple exercises, and they really give a detailed understanding of your customer’s needs so that these small mistakes don’t occur!


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