Why is it important to inform the supplier quickly?

Challenging times right now, right?  Especially for those who are off to University this Academic year.

This week, we wanted to talk about one of the things that makes a real difference for deaf students getting support nice and early.

Inform the Suppliers

Now before we start, we are aware that as Assessors, you are unable to contact the Supplier and inform them that they have been named on the DSA 2 letter.

We would however always recommend that you encourage the deaf student to get in touch quickly.

We have had situations before where the deaf student goes through their assessment and arrives on the first day of the university with no support, as they did not realise that they needed to get in touch with the Suppliers.

This can cause a severe delay in the provision, whilst the supplier gets the support in place.

This gives the supplier enough time to source the highest quality of support for the student.  With plenty of notice there will be a wider range of interpreters available.

The supplier can then hopefully find communication professionals who have experience in the student’s chosen topic of study.

Although this is not always possible, you can imagine if the supplier is informed late, fewer interpreters are available. So you are simply looking for someone who has availability rather than hand-picking the perfect person for the job.

Through asking the student to get in touch with the Supplier, you can rest easy knowing that the support you have recommended will take place from the start of term.

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