I had a good friend who’s mum worked at Apple and she had taught my friend and I how to make videos, which was something we enjoyed doing – I therefore decided I would make an awareness video to show the teachers who were letting me down on a daily basis – I made two and that was just the beginning, the videos had me nominated as Sense’s “Young Deafblind Person of the Year 2010” the videos were circulated and are now used here and around the world in training those working with people with deafblindness and those videos won me that award, I was very proud.

Thereafter I was asked to present at the AGM’s of Berkshire County Blind Society and thereafter RP Fighting Blindness where I presented to over 200 people each time – the more I present the better I feel about myself and for the usher community.

I feel my outgoing personality is down to my parents but in the main my mum and that this is my gift to those living with usher syndrome, I want to raise awareness as much as possible, understanding is key to people like myself getting I with their lives.
Usher is just a part of me, it challenges me, but I am Molly and I am always up for a challenge.  I will try most things, I will be in charge of limitation.
Whilst I hate usher syndrome I refuse to allow it to take over my life; so I will just get on as best I can and hope to make a difference.

I see myself as a mainstream person. I tried “specialist school” and in my opinion it is far better to be in mainstream, with good support.  I have experienced terrible support and very good.

The best has come from my primary school – mainstream; and my college – mainstream.  I see myself as a very balanced person; and I fit in and to me that is what life is all about.
I have been Molly with hearing aids; Molly with hearing aids and glasses; deaf Molly, blind Molly, deafblind Molly.  Usher Molly, Molly with the guide dog to all who know me well; I might be all of those things but in the main I am just Molly.
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