Who are the UK Council on Deafness?

The UK Council on Deafness (UKCoD) is the overarching term for voluntary organisations working with the Deaf community in the UK. UKCoD aims to support other organisations aiming to increase Deaf awareness and help Deaf people.


21 years strong

Established in 1993 by Chris Shaw and Sally Hawkins, UKCoD became a registered charity in 1994: which helped them to make rapid progress. From this point, the Council campaigned for improvements within the Deaf community focusing on charity funding and volunteer programs.

UKCoD was awarded a grant from the National Lottery in 1998, which again boosted their Deaf Action Project, leading to secured funding in 2000 from the Department of Health.

From strength to strength, UKCoD has grown and adopted many more organisations. This has enabled them to represent the deaf community in many conferences and governmental projects.

The UKCoD also coordinate Deaf Awareness Week.


Objectives of UKCoD:

  • The UK Council on Deafness promotes sharing skills, views and knowledge between its members.
  • They aim to provide members with key information regarding new and upcoming projects.
  • The UKCoD also campaign for issues that affect Deaf people, both within the voluntary sector and for government-funded projects.


Deaf Awareness Week

With Deaf Awareness Week running from 19th – 25th May, UKCoD aims to promote “Equality in communication for all”. During this week, many organisations campaign together to promote deafness and fund-raise for this cause.


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Donate here: http://www.deafcouncil.org.uk/downloads/make-a-donation

Deaf Awareness Week: http://www.deafcouncil.org.uk/deaf-awareness-week.html

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