Who are Sound Seekers?

Sound Seekers are a UK-based charity striving to support Deaf people in the developing world. Working in partnership with local organisations in these areas, the team establish projects to improve the understanding of Deaf needs and requirements through: education, health services and social support.


A Little Back-Story

Sound Seekers is also known as ‘The Commonwealth Society for the Deaf’. The charity was created in 1959 by Lady Templer (the wife of the Governor of Malaysia). Whilst travelling, Lady Templer was inspired to help the Deaf in these small communities; from this, Sound Seekers was born. Assembled with ENT surgeons (ear, nose and throat), audiologists and educators, they set off to help children with hearing loss and ear-related diseases.


What Do Sound Seekers Do?

The charity organises volunteer placements in developing countries for audiologists to establish clinics and help those with hearing impairments. Volunteers help to fit hearing aids and widely educate on deaf awareness and ear care- in order to prevent future issues.


Where Sound Seekers Work

They work all over Africa with many partners to aid these Deaf Communities.  They work with them on their hearing impairments and overall issues. The charity aims to build long-term projects in Africa, providing skills to local people to promote independence in the future.


How You Can Help

Sound Seekers need your help. Currently, in developing countries, only 1 in 40 people who require a hearing aid: have access to one. Sound Seekers need your donations to eliminate this statistic.

Donating to Sound Seekers couldn’t be easier; either click the link below or CLICK HERE and follow the ‘Donate Now’ button.


Upcoming Events

Sound Seekers hold fundraising events frequently, their last being a Christmas Concert. In July, The Royal Military School of Music will perform a Rock and Pop Concert to raise money for the charity.

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