What is a Deaf Interpreter / Translator?

What do they do, and how do they work?

A Registered Sign Language Translator (RSLT) is a Deaf Interpreter who translates from written text/English into BSL.

Deaf Interpreters are native, first-language BSL users.  They can use their years of experience to produce BSL in a way that Deaf BSL users understand.

Who would use this service?

You will need a Deaf Interpreter/Translator to make your information accessible in BSL to engage the deaf community fully.  This content can then be used on your websites and social channels.  They can also be used for live broadcasts.

Deaf Interpreters also work in Legal and Mental Health settings with Deaf people with limited language skills, learning disabilities, mental health problems, or using other Sign Language.

They will work alongside a BSL Interpreter, who will relay the information from English to BSL and then the Deaf Interpreter will convey this message in a more accessible format.

We would always recommend you ask the deaf person what service they prefer, as this could change depending on the setting.