The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS)

The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) are the UK’s leading charity aiming to integrate Deaf children and young adults fully into the hearing community. Find out their aims, work and how you can help…


What do the NDCS believe in?

  • The NDCS believe early diagnosis and support from the start of childhood will enable Deaf children to do the same things as hearing children
  • The charity upholds the view that children should be involved in as many decisions as possible from an early age
  • The NDCS feel that a strong family unit is a key feature in child development
  • As part of personal development, the NDCS think effective language and communication skills are at the root of each Deaf individual; it is through emotional and intellectual development that children and young people can begin to access these qualities
  • Most of all, NDCS strongly believe that Deaf children should be valued as equals in society


What the NDCS do

The charity campaign for Deaf children’s rights to fair education, health and familial support. These ethics are instilled at their core; the NDCS empower families and individuals to carry out their own campaigns in addition.

Deaf-friendly organisations are also run by the NDCS; to give children the opportunity to participate in sports and activities that they may not have access to without them.

They also provide guidance to both professionals and parents to help them work with Deaf children in the best ways possible.


How the NDCS can make a difference

The organisation offer free support to families with Deaf children. Support can be found in many places: in NDCS publications, web chats and forums, via their Free-Phone Helpline, family events or through diagnosis by specialist advisers.

The NDCS hold various events where children and young people can gain confidence and new skills whilst working with other Deaf children.

How can I help?

The NDCS need your donations in order to provide their free services. It is vital that donations keep them funded! You can help by raising money, campaigning on their behalf or volunteering at events.

Donate today: or phone 0845 231 1217

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