When you book an interpreter with an interpreting agency, they will ask you for preparation for the interpreter.  Here is some guidance as to what this means…

What is Preparation

Preparation can be anything that helps the Interpreter to understand what will happen. For example, Interpreters may want:

To contact you before the event so they can ask for anything they need or want to know

To know the aims or reasons for the booking, for example, what the booking is. e.g.:

  • A training course
  • A lecture
  • A meeting
  • An appraisal

Further information, such as documents or papers:

  • Minutes of previous meetings
  • The agenda of a meeting
  • Handouts or PowerPoint presentations
  • Reports that will be discussed
  • Transcripts of videos or DVDs that will be used
  • If the booking is an interview; provide names of interview panel, add whether they are deaf or hearing. Provide names of candidate/s, add if deaf or hearing. Ask for list of questions in advance to prepare.

To meet quickly before the booking so they can discuss anything else they need

Why do Interpreters need preparation?

Interpreters don’t know about everything! They may not understand technical jargon or special words used in your work. Preparing before a booking means an Interpreter is more likely to:

  • Feel ready before the booking starts
  • Be more accurate
  • Be able to work more effectively
  • Be more comfortable

This will also make the booking more comfortable for you too! If you are unsure about what you might need to provide talk to terptree for further advice at interpreting@terptree.co.uk

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