People To Follow On Twitter – Deaf People

There is no doubt that since the dawn of the internet and the World Wide Web that it has become increasingly easier for us to connect with one another and obtain vital information. We all know that if you’re looking for something, you’ll undoubtedly find it online!

Access to information has become a social media channel that has experienced massive growth and usage over the past decade. Twitter offers the ability to keep up with individual activities to that we previously had no access. It is increasingly easier to obtain, and we wanted to make it even easier for you by making suggestions on who to follow.

Now you may not have a Twitter account, or you may not quite be sure how to utilise your account fully, but don’t worry. You can still access the information. We will be providing you with the best accounts to follow!

So Who Should You Follow On Twitter And Why?



The Royal Association for Deaf People promotes equality through the provision of accessible services, working together with Deaf people to help create a better future.

They respect Deaf culture and Sign Language, promoting diversity within the community and helping to develop services and partnerships that will improve the lives of Deaf people. They also help support deaf people to get a job, understanding the possible barriers and how to communicate with both the deaf person and employer.

With content also accessible in BSL, there is plenty of content, including:

– Events
– Services provided
– Various helpful information packs

This a very helpful account to follow!



Their vision – For Deaf people to fully participate and contribute as equal and valued citizens in wider society.

Now that sounds like a pretty good thing to envision if you ask us!

The British Deaf Association are a great organisation, campaigning for better lives for deaf people and are not someone you want to miss out on following!



A leading charity that is dedicated to creating a world without barriers for deaf children and young people. With plenty of information packs combined into the likes of:

– DVDs
– Booklets
– Online Information
– Fundraising Events

Offering advice and support for deaf children and families on a range of issues and providing information for professionals working with deaf children. They also offer and promote a wide range of deaf-friendly events. The ability to test a wide range of products is also accessible.



Another charity that focuses on enabling deaf people the power to control their own lives and remove barriers in the way. Action On Hearing Loss campaigns to make changes to public policy on a range of issues.

Action On Hearing Loss is constantly fundraising to help deaf people, including events such as:

– Skydiving
– Runs
– Sporting Events

They are always looking for volunteers, both hearing and deaf, to help make a positive difference. Providing information in British Sign Language (BSL) and writing to numerous organisations to help ensure they do the same!



Where do you go to find all of the up-to-date news in the deaf community? Well, Limping Chicken is the place to be.

Deaf issues and experiences are at the forefront of their mind, publishing blogs by deaf people for deaf people. They have amounted to over 3.5 million views and are the most popular deaf blog in the world! 
The site is edited by deaf journalist Charlie Swinbourne, who has written for the likes of the Guardian, Mirror and BBC Online. He has also created a number of shorts and documentaries. He is also an avid campaigner for deaf people’s rights.

Limping Chicken was the one to break the Mandela ‘fake interpreter’ story and is at the forefront of everything deaf-related.



How can you resist these gorgeous puppies?!

Well, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People have many. If you love dogs, you’ll want to follow them on Twitter for that fact alone!

They train specific breeds of dogs to assist deaf people in their everyday lives. Alerting their owner to the doorbell, the fire alarm going off, and the telephone ringing. They help bring independence, companionship and confidence to the lives of their deaf owner.

They are tried and tested, matching thousands of joyful dogs with deaf recipients. They currently have over 850 working partnerships across the UK. A hearing dog is for life, with many recipients keeping their retired hearing dog as a pet once they retire and bringing in a new working dog.

If you love dogs and want to follow an account that does its utmost for the Deaf community, then Hearing Dogs is for you!

And A Couple Of Forward Thinking Deaf People To Boot!


Aspiring to join the acting profession?
 Look no further than Sophie Stone! She is the first deaf person to study at RADA.

Since then, her career has skyrocketed, performing at the National Theatre and has made several TV appearances in hit shows such as:

– Midsummer Murders
– Casualty

But her most notable role came as she played Cass, a deaf crew leader in Doctor Who. She has broken down all the barriers that may be perceived in allowing deaf people to enter the world of acting.

She is a role model for any aspiring actor and is constantly working towards improving the lives of young deaf people! To find out more about her, read our blog on 5 inspirational deaf actors by clicking here


Do you want a passionate, straight-to-the-point, inspirational Deaf person to follow? Oh, you do…..

Then Alison Bryan is the person for you. Amounting over 4,700 followers, residing in Wales, Alison is certainly someone to follow, a true thought leader for the Deaf community. Giving out advice, news about events and challenging organisations to offer better accessibility, Alison is one to watch!

Well, we hope you have found this information useful, and if you know of any other useful Twitter accounts to follow, let us know in the comments.

Oh, and we nearly forgot……

Don’t forget this account:



We think they’re pretty inspiring too 😉