Molly Watt’s “Inspiring Presentation” Enjoyed by all at terptree’s Communication Professionals Event last Night in London

terptree’s second FREE Communication Professionals event, held in London last night – was so well attended that the team cannot wait to organise the next one!

Victoria and Kerrie from terptree ran the event in The Phoenix Victoria London, where the whole range of Communication Professionals, from Lipspeakers, Interpreters to Communication Support Workers, were treated to food platters, a welcome drink and an excellent presentation by Molly Watt.

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Molly started the evening by explaining a little about herself and how she is just a normal girl – “just me, Molly”.  She has openly said that it has been a long and bumpy ride since her parents told her about her condition at the age of 12 years old, and her “world did shut down for a while”.

Her support from her parents, friends and online communities, especially on Facebook, was amazing.

She thought she had accepted her condition when she was 16 years old and matched with her guide dog – Unis, but she actually realised that she hadn’t.  The decision to have a guide dog was tough, as she was unsure that she wanted to be seen on the street with a guide dog.

Molly’s Mum, Jane, talked about the issues that Molly has faced when trying to access services and described the difficulties…”Molly doesn’t look disabled…well, what does disabled look like?!”  She also said that “Fighting is the name of the game” when trying to get the appropriate services for Molly.

Molly explained that it is difficult as she can hear and see a bit; therefore, people don’t think she needs support.

Over the years, Molly and her Mum Jane have travelled all over the UK, meeting with other Deafblind and Ushers – whom they have met on facebook – to get to know others in similar situations.  What struck them was that although everyone has the same condition, they all have different needs.

Molly was asked how she was so confident at such a young age to present as she does, and in a typical Molly response, she said, “I can’t see any of you guys right now!”

In August this year, The Molly Watt Trust reached its first year and has now registered as a Charity as opposed to a Charitable Trust!  Their first project, ‘Access to Reading,’ has seen the Trust donate 70 Kindles to Deafblind recipients.  This project aims to give benefit people who have, in some cases, not read a book in 20 years!

If you have an old Kindle lying around that you are not using and you would like to donate this to the Trust, please do get in touch at

One of the next projects that the Trust will be looking at is providing anti-glare glasses to help those suffering from headaches, vertigo and eye strain.

When asked what she would like to do in the future, Molly answered….” not really sure, working with people definitely, maybe going to Uni – but what I do know is that I will succeed in whatever I do”.

Molly Watt – an absolute inspiration!

Feedback from attendees about the event: 

“Excellent speaker for her age.”

“Great for lip speakers to be invited to events like these”

“Excellent event”

“Impressed that terptree has been so proactive”

“Great networking opportunity”

“Can feel quite isolated in the field; great to meet new people”

“Lovely to get out and gain CPD points too!”

“Really enjoyed the evening”