How to make a comeback from failure

Learning British Sign Language can be really tough, and it could be that you have walked away from a situation feeling like you have been a failure or that you have failed a BSL exam.

Failure does not need to be a negative thing. Yes, it can feel horrible, but as the marvellous Oprah Winfrey said:

“I don’t believe in failure.  Failure is just information and an opportunity to change your course.”

Here are our 3-steps to embrace and learn:

Firstly, don’t take it personally. You need to clearly separate the train of thought that says, “you have failed; therefore, you are a failure”. Our minds like to exaggerate things for the worse – it’s important to remember that one “failure” does not define you or change the skills you possess. It is simply a reflection of a moment in time that was not as good as it could have been.  It certainly does not reflect who you are or your skills in a particular area.

Secondly, understand WHY things haven’t gone as planned. If you did not pass your exam… Were you not expressive enough? Did you use incorrect handshapes and BSL grammar? Understanding what has not worked allows you to make changes so that it doesn’t happen again the opportunity to change your course.

Thirdly, as Elsa sings so eloquently, LET IT GO (yes, it’s the Sing-a-Long version!). Dwelling on these past experiences is unhealthy and a waste of your time. I’m not suggesting you suppress or ignore negative feelings at all, simply that you put a time cap on them.