Whether you love or hate the Channel 4 programme, Gogglebox, it is undoubtedly a hit!

Airing at 9pm on a Friday evening. Gogglebox has taken the nation by storm, and its 7th series started on the 19th of February. The British reality show features recurring families, friends and couples from around Britain and documents their reactions to weekly British TV shows. Each programme airs a week after they react to the shows, so it showcases Britain’s cultural and social reactions in real-time.

The show has won:


  • BAFTA TV Award for “Reality & Constructed Factual Programme” (2014)
  • Broadcasting Press Guild for “Best Factual Entertainment Programme” (2014)
  • National Television Award for “Factual Programme” (2015/216)

The hit show averages a massive 3.43 million UK viewers per series!

The show is produced by a company called Studio Lambert, a British company run by media executive Stephen Lambert, who was also behind other Channel 4 hits such as Wife Swap, Undercover Boss and The Secret Millionaire.


The show hosts families from across society.

  • The Siddiquis – Mohammed, Umar, and Baasit Siddiqui like to consider and discuss the serious side of things. Reflecting on things when an open mind and a thought-out approach. Umar and Baasit’s brother, Raza, has also appeared on the show.
  • Kate and Graham – Kate is a vicar and is often seen wearing a clerical collar whilst she watches the TV alongside her husband, Graham. Their greyhound Buster can sometimes be seen partly in the shot, lying on the sofa next to Graham.
  • The Michaels – Husband and wife Andrew and Carolyne, with their two children, Alexandra and Louis.
  • Christopher Steed and Stephen Webb – The former couple split after series 1 but remain close friends. They are both hairdressers, and in February 2015, they both appeared in an EE advert.
  • Sandy Channer and Sandra Martin – They are extremely loud and animated. The two are best of friends and can often be found chowing down on a takeaway meal or snack.

The show does a good job of showcasing people’s multiple points of view, which makes it quite an addictive viewing.


Now all they need is a deaf person/family or someone who signs…


Oh, wait, episode 1 in series 7 started off with this!

Yes, that’s right, we now have Sign Language in Gogglebox! Exposing this language to millions of people can only be good exposure and help to educate more people!

Not much is known yet about the family. All we currently know is the mother, Georgia, is learning to sign, and she went through the alphabet in the first episode with her son, Isaac. The dad, Scott, is an aerospace engineer, and Isaac has Tourette’s.

Now, all we need is an interpreter onscreen throughout, as well as deaf people, and we are there!

If we uncover any more information about Georgia’s BSL (British Sign Language), we will, of course, update you. Likewise, if you find out any more, do let us know.

We hope you have enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing you again ☺️